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Sword & Soul

叫ぼうとしてる 譲れないと
果てしない空が 青くのしかかるほど
僕らは願った その先の空へと
愛したものすら フェイクだったとしても
愛したこの意思まで 奪わせはしない
for tears 背負うすべてを強さに
frontier 切り裂いてゆく 絶望の最前線を
光の速さで 暗闇駆け抜けて
誓いを刻んだ Sword
どこまで飛べれば 辿り着けるのだろう
か弱い翼に 風よ吹けと願った
愛した記憶を 現実が壊そうと
微か届いた声に もう迷いはしない
no fears 運命を変える勇気
torchlight 胸に抱く火を 希望への導火線へ
光より速く この空を昇って
痛みを忘れた Soul
刹那を感じて この瞬間駆け抜けて
絶望か希望か 賽は振られた
この手に Sword & Soul
声を上げる 明日へ行けと
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Sword & Soul

Feel the moment
Right now, reality is leaking through my hands
I attempt to cry but refuse to surrender
As the endless skies have become blue,
We prayed a wish to them
We only wanted to love each other, even if it wasn't real
We loved each other madly, unable to release the other
Getting stronger to to be able to carry your tears,
I challenge the frontiers and smash everything that brings you despair
I dash to you through the gloomy darkness with the speed of light
I don't want to apart from you any longer
With a vow engraved on the blade
And the tip glowing bright,
My sword shall guide me to a promising tomorrow
When I fly up to the sky, will you follow me?
O wind, please carry my frail wings
Reality is crushing our memories dear to us,
But as your gentle whisper reaches me, I do not hesitate
I have no fear, since I'm determined to change our fate
I lighten the torch of hope, whose fire warms my heart
Faster than light I soar up to the skies
In order to reach for your hand, separated from mine once again
My soul ignores the pain
As I grasp for the strength
To break your cage that is tougher than steel
Feel the moment, overtake the instant
Is there hope or only despair? The dice has already been cast
In my hands I hold my sword and soul
Having faith in my determination right here and now
As I promise you a new beginning
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