Silbermond - Symphonie (English translation)

English translation


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Tell me what's going on with us,
Suddenly you seem like someone else completely to me.
Why don't I feel good any more,
when I'm lying in your arms?
Does it not matter what's happening to us anymore?
Where do you want to go, I can hardly see you now?
Our vanity gets in our way.
Didn't we risk everything?
Have we maybe betrayed ourselves?
I really thought we could have gone through anything!
And now its silent between us.
Because we're here in the rain,
with nothing more to give...
...and it's better if you went!
Because it's time,
to face that it's not working out.
There's nothing left to say,
Because when it just rains,
It's better to give up.
The silence around us thickens;
I don't understand another word out your mouth.
Did we try too hard?
Why couldn't we see this coming?
It's not going to be easy to accept it all.
Somewhere we lost our way,
And how it is, it doesn't work anymore.
The end was written long ago,
And that was our...
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