Silbermond - Symphonie (English translation)

English translation


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Tell me, whatever happened to us?
All at once you're like a total stranger
Why did it stop feeling good
When I'm lying in your arms
Does it no longer matter what happens to the two of us?
Where are you going, I can hardly see you anymore...
Our own vanity is standing in our way
Wasn't it us against the world?
Did we betray our own cause?
I sincerely believed we could make it through anything
(What we had was a) symphony
But now silence falls all around us
As we're standing in the rain
With nothing left to give
You better leave now
For it is time
To face the truth: it is over
There is nothing left to say
For if there's nothing left but rain
It's better to let go
The silence is intensifying as it engulfs us
I can't understand a single word you say
Did we aim too high?
Why couldn't we foresee?
It won't be easy to face it all
We got lost somewhere along the way
And we can't go on like this
The story's end has long been written
And this is the end of our symphony...
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magicmulder    Thu, 09/02/2017 - 11:36

I tried to find slightly more poetic translations for those lines that had a figurative meaning.