Szüreti Nóta (Hű, de messze van ide Bordeaux) (English translation)


Szüreti Nóta (Hű, de messze van ide Bordeaux)

1. Ordít a ménes, béget a nyáj,
Felkel a nap, ébred a táj.
Itt van az asszony, hol a szőlő?
A szüreti bálon jó a sok nő.
Dobd ide a szőrös kucsmát,
Üdvözlöm a zsíros macskát.
Mondd a Lajosnak, hagyja a kocsmát,
Szüretelünk, hát hozza a kannát!
2. Rakd meg a puttonyt kisangyalom,
Gumicsizmád jól áll nagyon.
Bort ide! Bort ide! - üvölt a babám,
Sikoltoznak a malacok a tanyán.
Itt van a böllér, ugrik a kádba,
Gusztustalanul néz ki a lába.
Egy-kettő, rázzad a tőkét,
Arcomba helyezem a lőrét.
R. ||: Hű, de messze van ide Bordeaux!
Csapra verem, teli van a hordó.
Sarokba rugdosom a babámat,
Pörgetem, forgatom a kutyámat. :||
3. Mondd a Lajosnak, nyissa a kocsmát,
Szüreteltünk, hát visszük a tartályt.
Temérdek borivó terül el szerényen,
Pityókás legények vedelnek keményen.
Átjön a szomszéd Varró Gyula,
Issza a mustot, kirepül a foga.
Regényes arcú rendőr rappel,
Lopótökkel a mellényzsebben.
R., R.
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A harvest song (Oh, Bordeux is so far away from here!)

The stud1is whinnying, the sheep herd is bleating
The sun is rising, the land is waking up
Here is the woman2, where are the grapes?
There are lots of women at the harvest festival
Throw me the furry fur cap!
Give my greetings to the greasy cat!
Tell Lajos3to leave the pub!
It's harvest time, so tell him to bring the can4!
Fill the puttyony5, my little angel!
You look so good in your Wellington boots
Give me wine! Give me wine! - yells my baby
The piglets are squeeling on the farm
Here comes the butcher, he jumps into the tub6
His legs look disgusting
One-two, shake that vine!
I'm pouring the swill in my face
Refrain (2x):
Oh, Bordeux is so far away from here!
I'm tapping a full cask
With a few kicks, I'm sending my babe into a corner
I'm twirling and spinning my dog around
Tell Lajos to open up the pub!
It's harvest time so we'll bring the vat
Scores of winos humbly sprawl out on the floor
Tipsy lads are guzzling it down hard
The neighbor, Gyula Varró comes over
He's drinking must7, his teeth are flying out of his mouth
A policeman with a romantic face8is rapping
With a wine sampler9in his vest pocket
Refrain (5x)
  • 1. In the sense of: " A group of animals, especially horses, kept for breeding."
  • 2. It could also mean wife.
  • 3. A masculine first name.
  • 4. Or jug or pot.
  • 5. "A wooden or wickerwork basket used, in Hungary, to carry grapes in a vineyard."
  • 6. During harvest, at one point the grapes may be collected in a huge tub.
  • 7. "Freshly crushed fruit juice (usually grape juice) that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit."
  • 8. In the sense that his features suggest that he has lead a very eventful, interesting life.
  • 9.
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