La Mal Coiffée - Tèrra Doça (English translation)


Tèrra Doça

Arroït de trabalh
L’òme aviá retrobat
Las caranchonas de sa femna
Las caranchonas de çai e lai
Sas mans blancas
Son perfum fresc
De còs manel
Son pel manhac
E la tèrra devenià doça
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English translation

Sweet Earth

Worn out from work1
The man had come back to find
The tender caresses of his wife
The tender caresses from here and there
Her white hands
The fresh perfume
Of her gentle body
Her soft skin
And the earth became sweet2 again.
  • 1. Literally, “made skinny”
  • 2. Or “tender,” “gentle,” “pleasant.”
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