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Τ΄ Άη Γιωρκού (T' Ai Yorkou) (English translation)

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Saint George's song

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It was a Green Monday when the caravans were setting off
He got into the ship the first week
It took him three days to leave behind Beirut
Neither bread nor water were to be found in that land.
Bread and water were found in abundance far away
where a big dragon went and inhabited the place,
blocking the flow of the water so it wouldn't reach their country
People were forced, to give him each of them a child of theirs to eat it
So as the dragon would let the water flow towards the country
Others had six and eight kids and they sent only one
but when it was the turn of our lord and King
she had an one and only daughter not yet married
and he sent her, unwillingly, to the dragon.
As if the girl was a saint, Jesus did hear her prayers
Saint George was soon descented from heaven
with his golden saddle and his golden horse.
There he stands thinking about the way should he greet her.
"If I call her a clove, cloves have pointy edges
if I call her a rose, roses have thorns.
Whatever, we'll just greet her as we always greet people"
"Rejoice, beautiful lady, have a nice day
may your eyebrows be full of flowers and rose-water.
What are you doing, my lady, near the well of the dragon
this evil dragon, if he sees you he will get out and eat you.
My master, I do not have the time to tell you about our sufferings
Out of hunger, humans eat each other
This was meant by luck, by my fate
to by buried inside the stomach of the dragon.
There the dragon ascents from below
and he was secretly excited seeing all the three of them
I will eat the man for breakfast, the woman for lunch
and for dinner i will eat the horse with its saddle.
But he was struck with the sword so hard that the city trembled
and the seat of the King fell down and broke
Then he ( S.George) took out of his bag a long chain
and he caught and he enchained this big snake.
Drag him, my lady, take it to the capital
so as the unbaptized would see it and get baptized
so as the unfaithful ones shall see it and learn how to have faith
As soon as the king saw them, he was secretly full of joy
Who is that man who did me such a favor
I will give him my kingdom and my treasure
I will give him my daughter and i will make him my son-in-law
And the Saint replied and said to him:
I neither want your kingdom, nor your treasure
I only want you to build a church, in the memory of Saint George
whom feast day is in 23rd of April
whom feast day is in 23rd of April
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Τ΄ Άη Γιωρκού (T' Ai Yorkou)

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