Ta femme (English translation)

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Your lady

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It is already a quarter past eight
You will be late again
Arrange the collar of your jacket
Brush the blonde hair that remain
I am always there when you want
Do not get an unhappy air
She can make a good drama
Your lady
You will return to your house
To watch the television
After 5 years of living together
You support her
She is accustomed to you
You hide from her your bad mood
You think of bringing flowers to her
Even if at times you condemn it,
Your lady
Near me you come to find
Feelings of happiness flown away
But that that troubles you
It is to her that you confess them
This communion of every day
It is a form of love
She is much more than Marie-Jeanne
Your lady
Of course you do not want to admit this
But you have plenty of prejudices
As soon as you leave my arms
You become again a lower middle-class man
To give you confidence in you
Everything considered, if it doesn’t displease you
Seeing her putting down the weapons
Your lady
Me, I am the one that you desire
For your pride and your pleasure
I will like it better quite simply
To be the mother of your children
If it is believed that I have the beautiful role
It is she who sleeps against your shoulder
On the whole, I wonder
If is not better for you to return
To your lady
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Ta femme

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