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Taka Takata

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Taka Takata
I listen to my heart that beats
Taka Takata
To the rythm of her steps
The Sangria (an alcoholic drink) is getting cool
at the fair of tolede (Spanish)
The girl that dansed
is on my mind
when a 'banderillo' (spanish)
tells me: Friend
Stay calm
because at the great Torero
you will see this woman
But she moves towards me let
and let her rose fall down
with a note on it that suggests
a meeting at the ascienda
we were in eachothers arms
under the orangetree but the duena
who's profession it was
cried out revenge to the arenas
the matador deceives
A shadow appears and moves away
On my orangetree
I try to make oranges
The man, that you are going to pay, says: here are the swords, the picadors are ready
and my black sky is watching you
and since this day
a torero (bullfighter) makes me
sweep the court
to have it done for his wife
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Taka takata

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kuroi_neko    Sun, 26/08/2012 - 16:56

Sorry, but it's stuffed with misinterpretations and some sentences barely make sense in English.