竹 (Take) (English translation)

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竹ひとつ 竹ふたつ 竹みっつ 数えてたら
あっとゆうまに ニョキニョキニョキ
あっち見ても こっち見ても
竹世界 竹ばかり 竹林 竹の神
竹のこと知りたい歌 たたたたたたたたたた
楽しい世界 竹ざんまい
世界で大注目 環境改善<竹>
さあ みんなで世界を変えよう
楽しい世界 竹ざんまい
ここから たたたたたたたたたたた
竹と少女が織りなす 日本最古のおとぎ話
篠笛しのぶえ 尺八しゃくはち しょう神楽笛かぐらぶえ 和楽器奏でるいにしえの心
竹とんぼ ししおどし 竹馬に玉すだれ
竹の床に 竹の壁に 竹垣たけがきと竹の庭木戸にわきど
抗菌性 消臭性 抗酸化作用のぴたぴた たたたた
日本古来の日常からも 密接に結びつく竹竹
釣竿 ほうき 孫の手 うちわ 耳かき 竹刀 タケノコ メンマ
未来の地球の自然守るため 神が作りたし最強の素材
竹を信じては竹に導かれ 在りし意味を悟る日本古来の
竹のうた たたたたた
楽しい世界 竹ざんまい
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One bamboo, two bamboos, three bamboos, when I was countin' 'em
B'fore knowing it, *growing and growing out*
Looking over there and also looking at here
Bamboo world, bamboo only, bamboo forest, bamboo god
The song I want to know about bamboo, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo —ta-ta-ta
Let's get started from happy bamboo
Let's make many people bamboo-bamboo-ed
Happy world, incessant bamboo
Every day, bamboo, bamboo, they're growing a lot everywhere <bamboo>
If left untouched, they'll grow at least a meter a day <bamboo>
When spring comes, we can eat delicious bamboo shoots <bamboo>
Bamboo and bamboo grass are actually different creatures <bamboo>
The fastest growing plant in the world <bamboo>
Became the first practical light bulb in the world <bamboo>
There are 1200 kinds of them in all over the world <bamboo>
Attracting a lot of attention from the world, environmental improvement <bamboo>
Now, let's change the world with everyone
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo —ta-ta-ta
Let's get started from happy bamboo
It can handle almost anything
Fascinated by the charm of bamboo —ke-ke
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo —ta-ta-ta
Even if we bamboo-ed a lot, still not enough
It's a magical plant we can count on
Happy world, incessant bamboo
From here, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta
The oldest fairy tale in Japan, woven with bamboo and a young girl1
Shinobue,2 shakuhachi,3 shō4 and kagurabue,5 ancient spirit performed on the Japanese musical instruments
Bamboo-copter,6 shishiodoshi,7 bamboo stilts and tamasudare8
Bamboo craftsmen's inspirations and hospitality
Bamboo floor and bamboo wall and bamboo fence and then garden gate made of bamboo
Antibacterial, deodorant, antioxidating pitapita, ta-ta-ta-ta
Bamboo, bamboo closely linked also from traditional Japanese daily life
Fishing rod, broom, back-scratcher, round fan, earpick, shinai,9 bamboo shoot, menma10
To protect the future of the nature of the earth, the strongest material which the god wanted to create
Believing in bamboo, being guided by bamboo, and realizing the meaning of existing, the traditional Japanese
Bamboo lyric ta-ta-ta-ta-ta
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo, I just want to know about bamboo
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo —ta-ta-ta
The bamboo song of tireless effort
It's only bamboo, but it can do everything
Fascinated by everything of bamboo —ke-ke
Bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo —ta-ta-ta
Doing bamboo and bamboo-ing and see you tomorrow
We're counting on you, dear bamboo goddess
Happy world, incessant bamboo
The song which bamboo does bamboo bamboo of bamboo and bamboo by bamboo to bamboo with bamboo
  • 1. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (竹取物語 Taketori Monogatari; late 9th–early 10th c.)
  • 2. a kind of Japanese traditional transverse flute
  • 3. a kind of Japanese longitudinal, end-blown flute
  • 4. free-reed woodwind musical instrument used in gagaku
  • 5. transverse bamboo flute used to support kagura performance
  • 6. bamboo helicopter toy
  • 7. bamboo device with flowing water that makes a sound to scare away animals, used as a decoration of Japanese gardens
  • 8. traditional Japanese street performance by transforming a bamboo screen
  • 9. bamboo sword used in kendō
  • 10. processed food made from fermented bamboo shoots
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