Take heart

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Idiomatic translations of "Take heart"

Haut les coeurs !
Nur keine Angst!
ποιος μίλησε για φόβο;
Su con la vita!
¿ Quien dijo miedo ?
korku diyen kim?
bize korkmak yakismaz

Meanings of "Take heart"


To "Take Heart" is to get the courage to do something, or receive alleviation from something.

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Be confident and brave

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Να έχεις αυτοπεποίθηση και να είσαι γενναίος

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Ser valiente y seguro

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Att vara modig och säker

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"Take heart" in lyrics

Davido - Fall

If I offend you-ou-ou biko[fn]biko is an Igbo word meaning ‘please’[/fn]
Sorry oh baby take heart oh
Sorry oh baby take heart oh
I'm in love with you-ooh

KAZKA - She Wept

The cleansing rain
What else could one do?
Take heart
Beneath the cloak

Giuseppe Verdi - Arrived for me

I see tears in your eyes,
why weep now, why?
Take heart Carlos,
My last breath will be joyful

Sexion d'Assaut - I'm still standing

Too proud to show them, even if I’m in pain
A word of encouragement to those who have lost a loved one
I just want to tell the Keita family to take heart

Roo Panes - Ophelia

When I see you I see hope
There's a world that needs what you've got to give
Take heart my love
'Cause when I see you I see hope

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - A Psalm of Life

Sailing o'er life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

Enya - Storms In Africa

Take heart!
Walk through the storms.
Take heart
going through the storms!

Erkan Oğur - I have many troubles, which of them shall I take?

I have many troubles, which of them shall I take?
Heart-wound is refreshed again
How come shall I find a cure to this trouble
Unless its cure is from a friend's hands

Alexandra Ungureanu - Mother dear

Not even my sweetheart wants me, me

Mother dear, take heart
And blow a dandelion

Benji & Fede - Wi-Fi Love

Bulding again who I am
I throw away what I hate
I find courage, I take heart
I spit in the face of reality

The Notorious B.I.G. - Long Kiss Goodnight

No matter how you call it (how you call it), this brolic alcoholic
Like his weed greened out, like his brick solid
Distribute to kids who take heart like Valentine
Drink Ballantine all the time

Facundo Cabral - Get Up And Get Going

Abandon parasitic spectatorship, and enter the playing field to play your game. Stop complicating your life, and complicating in general. Stop for a while, and you will find that the meaning of life lies in itself.
You can call each thing by the name you want, but everything—primarily what we do not even see, what we do not even imagine—makes up this luminous mystery that we call life.
Things are many, but reality is one. Open yourself! Take heart! Learn from everything, but first of all from yourself. Concentrate on this, and you will become full of light, and that peaceful joy will take you from stadium to stadium, and ever in an upward direction, spiritually, intellectually, and materially--singing, dancing, and loving.
Joy makes you wise, not questions. Since when does a theater play have the right to ask the author questions?

Mary Poppins (OST) - Sister Suffragette

"Womankind, arise !"
Political equality and equal rights with men!
Take heart! For Missus Pankhurst has been clapped in irons again !

Hillsong Young and Free - When The Fight Calls

Even when the fight calls
Even when the war’s waged
I’ll take heart
I know You are greater

Heather Dale - The Huron Carol (Trilingual Version)

Jesus est ne, Iesus Ahattonnia.

Let Christian men take heart today
The devil's rule is done;

Of Mice & Men - Back to Me

Take a breath and take heart instead of pulling apart
And you told me you know where to start

Ania Bukstein - Nobody Sees You (Lo Ro'im Alayikh)

Nobody sees how with your steps you choose a dirt road,
where you take heart (1) that you are special,
and that it is the road to the future.

Aegis - Song And Love

My heart beats
My beloved take heart
This song and love for you

Têtes raides - Alice

Alice don’t believe those stories
Alice you know well, take heart, hands up

Stélios Kazantzídis - In the factories of Germany

Cold hearted immigration...

Take heart, immigrant
be patient, my lad