Take one for the team

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Take one for the team (English) — To accept, to do something for the benefit of others while sacrificing the individual's wants or needs. This can be literal or figurative. Giving up what you want or would rather have/wish for so that the group will be better off.

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Translations of "Take one for the team"

Englishto bite the bullet
EnglishGrit one's teeth
FrenchSerrer les dents
Germandie Zähne zusammen beissen
ItalianStringere i denti
ItalianFar buon viso a cattivo gioco
RomanianA strânge din dinți

"Take one for the team" in lyrics

And when the world is too heavy you shall resist.
It's gonna sink or swim because no one will catch you.
Show strenght, even if you don't have any left.
Take one for the team, take the trophy and we'll take it home, oh!

When nothing is more than pretending.

Cir.Cuz - Original

[Chorus: Pusha T]
Doing my thing, pocket full of green
Hand on my dick in my thousand dollar jeans
Your girl a Queen, my girl a thing
You know what though? I'm a take, I'm a take this one for the team

Kanye West - Take One For The Team

You tryna take me out
But you can't pay for me
I guess I got the cash
I'll take one for the team
Baby, can't you see?

Fifth Harmony - Suga Mama

(Not that) oh that's the forty-five stainless nickel
I'm pullin a green, gotta G for the biggest ass
On the floor who look right in them jeans
If you fat, I might take one for the team
But I gotta get drunk first knowhatimean, come on

Ghostface Killah - We Celebrate

You're a canary, I'm a coal mine
Cause sorrow is just all the rage
Take one for the team
You all know what I mean

Fall Out Boy - I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers

Sven Ekelund said surly: what kind of tableware is that?
And the pal Pär said this: I am not a pig!
And Ann-Katrin sobbed, but I gave my support
Citizens, I will take one for the team and be one fork short

So we sat down and the mood was great

Henrik Dorsin - One Fork Short

Queen Bitch I been, bitch
Body a guy for my guy make you a mean bitch
I'm his dream bitch
Mean bitch, take one for the team bitch!

[Lil' Kim:]

Remy Ma - Wake Me Up