taken in

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Meanings of "taken in"


to be taken in by somebody
auf jemanden hereinfallen
von jemandem übervorteilt werden
jemandem/etwas aufsitzen
sich von jemandem einwickeln lassen
von jemandem hereingelegt werden

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"taken in" in lyrics

Fedez - Before everything

Because I'm never at home
The heart consumed as an old pair of Vans
And all the slaps taken in the square
The ink on the arms

L'Impératrice - Error 404

[Couplet 2]
Aimlessly and sober
Like being taken in the opposite direction
Barefoot on the Milky Way

REOL - B12

Let's start the Industrial Revolution, you and me

Value taken in. Bills appointed to power
What a sad place this is

Die Prinzen - All Just Stolen


No longer will I be taken in
by your halo

Boombox - To porters

You don't like smoke, to hell with it!
It kills words, drives crazy.
It is rumoured that
Between us is love.

Nekfeu - Humanoid

When I talk values, they tell me about first places
They scorn mastery, I master scorn
In spite of the mind, we are taken in the screams
Alone facing my reflection : no symmetry

Cœur de pirate - Saint-Laurent (Saint Lawrence)

We saw each other two by two
I know, you are taken, in love
But I danced so much for you

Calcutta - Why do I even miss you

Pesaro (an italian city ndr) is a clever woman
Maybe it's true, you became see-through
But you will never be taken in

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Magic Flute

You have taken pity on me?

Die Toten Hosen - Ten little Jägermeister

Two little Jägermeister applied for asylum
One was taken in, the other would be too many

Barış Manço - Abraham's Table

Don't be fooled and taken in by money or magnificence, my friend
People without substance don't have their place in this world
Don't be fooled and taken in by money or magnificence, my friend
People without substance don't have their place in this world

Sinem - Summer Rain

I'm somewhere so far away from you
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
Believe, my sweety, I'm taken in by your love
Every time it rains,

Korpiklaani - John John

John John

And I'm being taken again

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

Picture it now see just how
The lies and deceit gained a little more power
Confidence - taken in
By a suntan and a grin

Willy Chirino - Mister Don´t Touch the Banana

There was one that took in a ghost<fn>"un muerto" here means the spirit of a dead person. People who practice this religion also believe that they could be possed by "Orishas"(deities).</fn>
Another emptied himself from one
And one that had taken in a diety
very furiously shouted:

Burito - Mama

It's hiding somewhere else
But each new step of mine
Will be taken in its rays

Galileo Galilei - Imaginary Friends

The road of fern leaves and tree-filtered sunlight of someday
Seems to have carved a ridge and taken in years as time passed
From a sudden impulse, I take a yellow bus with a one-way ticket

Brigitte Bardot - I dance, therefore I am

It could not be
That the dance will end
And I'll rest taken in the trap
Who will it be

Jacques Brel - Next

All naked in my towel, using it as a wrapper
My forehead was red and I had a soap in my hand
Next! Next!
I was only 20 and we were one hundred and twenty

Vanessa Paradis - Though

I kindle this love
Twigs flutter
You're completely taken in
It's his secrete life