taken in

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taken in (English) — to be taken in by somebody
auf jemanden hereinfallen
von jemandem übervorteilt werden
jemandem/etwas aufsitzen
sich von jemandem einwickeln lassen
von jemandem hereingelegt werden

German, explained by Hansi K_Lauer on Thu, 31/08/2017 - 04:53

taken in — πιασμένη

Greek, explained by Guest on Sun, 03/12/2017 - 17:03

"taken in" in lyrics

I await you, Saint Lawrence Boulevard

We saw each other two by two
I know, you are taken, in love
But I danced so much for you
To win you, my king

Cœur de pirate - Saint-Laurent (Saint Lawrence)

You don't like smoke, to hell with it!
It kills words, drives crazy.
It is rumoured that
Between us is love.
What was we told about? We lost way of talking
To stop be yourself and to sleep at home.

Boombox - To porters

Even before it is life, it is taken
In a nest of flesh and tenderness
A hug between us infinite
We deliver a wisdom
Everything is already acquired

Lara Fabian - Un Ave Maria

Don't be fooled and taken in by money or magnificence, my friend
People without substance don't have their place in this world
Don't be fooled and taken in by money or magnificence, my friend
People without substance don't have their place in this world

Barış Manço - Abraham's Table

the speed doesn't feels so bad
when it's something like you that I have
But I crashed our relationship in a moment
the last picture together was taken in Midsummer
You can ponder but you can't have the yesterday
these wounds won't be fixed with a piece of tape

Cheek - Let Me Go

Let's abandon heaven for earthly games
Let's get drunk and be taken in by love's lies
If we're going to enter let's enter, come on girl, into the sin
If we're going to die let's die; right here, right now

Demir Demirkan - Beyond Love

I'm somewhere so far away from you
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
Believe, my sweety, I'm taken in by your love
Every time it rains,
Your eyes are on my mind.

Sinem - Summer Rain

I kindle this love
Twigs flutter
You're completely taken in
It's his secrete life
Though ... though ... though

Vanessa Paradis - Though

Bind your parted lips to mine, and in night's emptiness, we'll learn,
We're like the fish: for by our mouths we take,
And are taken in our turn

You wove a spider's web of romance

Julio Iglesias - Tangled


No longer will I be taken in
by your halo
Because you also have, thank God,

Die Prinzen - All Just Stolen

Amidst the dark
I have witnessed
A light so dim
I almost could not see

Help me

Asin - Homecoming

I know, it was... (forget it).
"What are you doing here?" - He says: "I was staying nearby by chance.
Sure, you're staying nearby to my concert.
I won't be taken in this time, like who...
like who vote for Lega?*
This is not a funk-idealistic disc.

Fabri Fibra - VIP on a trip

A duck in the coffe,
I find it hard to digest, sometimes,
All the chewed papers
That are taken in my net
Of voice. Poor fisherman,
Should read between my lines,

Zazie - Zen

My sun is not here
It's hiding somewhere else
But each new step of mine
Will be taken in its rays


Burito - Mama

Gipsy wench, you confessed to all your deeds of witchery, prostitution and harrassment of Phoebus de Châteaupers.
You will be taken in a longshirt, barefoot, a noose around your neck to the Place de Grève, where you will be hanged from the city's gallows.

Notre-Dame de Paris (musical) - Torture


You played to win
And I was taken in
But now you are out of time

Hannah Montana: The Movie (OST) - Game Over

But now, since my country
whose own crimes
are beyond comparison
is taken in and forced to speak again and again,
and we are about to send another submarine to Israel,
although it is purely a matter of business

Günter Grass - What has to be said

Little Sister,
I know your grief and you sorrow,
The spaces they're taken in your heart,
I was the same Little Sister,
Little Sister ...

Lââm - Little Sister

Accompanying me, following me every step of the way

Always taken by the speed, speed
Always willing to drive faster
Going through these towns with all the portraits fading instantly

Shy'm - Turn

She changes everything She touches,
And everything She touches changes.
She changes everything She touches,
And everything She touches changes.

Pagan Songs and Chants - Kore Chant

Drunk on moonshine
John John

And I'm being taken again

Korpiklaani - John John

Tells the story of it all
Picture it now see just how
The lies and deceit gained a little more power
Confidence - taken in
By a suntan and a grin

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

When you wake up tomorrow, it will also remain from me..

Maybe a photo that remained hidden from me.
Taken in spring burned in autumn
Like blind fish caught in a net..
Blending my troubles at the end of my cigarette

Zakkum - Make me cry

Long road and tortuous.
Tortured and at the edge of the risk,
sometimes annihilated under the avalanche of oportunistes.
Taken in this race where everybody is doped well.
Me, I don't give a fuck!
I contemplate the world sat on the shoulder.

Keny Arkana - Echos

Earlier, I ate the car
With its wheels , with its headlights
Then I smoked a sedan
The pure essences of refined petrol
Paris , I love your diesel
The smell of your motor excitation

Paris Combo - A letter to paris

I fee like flying
Your gaze...I hide in it
Only it (your gaze) gives me shudders
& taken in the shroud of night, I kiss you
I get lost easily in your amrs
You turned me on when the lights went out

Adela Popescu - Visele Noastre

Everything as we love, of it simply think in hearing...
When light on kitchen will go out, there remains Guf.
Plus still soon will appear light from a window,
And all should be normal, while behind a window It...
Each frog praises a bog,
And I also devote all lines to this city,

Guf - For her

As the darkness closes in
In my head I hear whispering
Questioning and beckoning
But I'm not taken in

I feel loved

Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved

Benim su kalbim benim su gonlum
did my heart love you, trust you
my mind marveled
was it taken in by you did it believe in you
i thought so much, i was sad so much
i regretted, i said 'its fate'

Rafet El Roman - Gencligin Gozyaslari

Even love is schizophrenic

300 injuries and curtains close
21 grams taken in the atmosphere
And you will see me smile the only place where I shine
I feel where you need to be

Kyo - Russian Dolls

Damn, I can’t run
and get out of here in order to get something new.
The City of Angels is caught;
it’s been taken in by the devil.
Come on, get me out of here and protect me,
I seek refuge in you, brother;

Bushido - My Whole Life

This is life, but now I know its path, I will not stray from her after I have found her, that's the truth and tomorrow I will show you how even stone can turn soft

Picture it.. Baby I'm willingly okay with being taken in circles and throwing my soul into a fire, all for the one who made this life glow in the blink of an eye

Imagine it.. I came and went yet have not found anyone prettier, there is something missing in me, but with you I will be complete, and those who are patient will reach their goals

Hamada Helal - Picture It/Imagine

From above and around,
observations are collected
Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms
That may bring hope from beyond
Beneath the giver of life, our sun

Death - Misanthrope

It’s gone
I’m used to being put down
My issues tell it all
My only hope is taken in this fall
If I could just touch the hem of His garment
I know I’d be made whole

Nicole C. Mullen - One touch

you no longer feel pity for me
i didn't do you any wrong
i never, oh my lover
been taken in consideration

my love dream has gone

Mohammed Fouad - Saida

I've become unable to smile

The road of fern leaves and tree-filtered sunlight of someday
Seems to have carved a ridge and taken in years as time passed
From a sudden impulse, I take a yellow bus with a one-way ticket

Galileo Galilei - Imaginary Friends

here you are taken in this adventure
here you are caught and nonetheless
you countelessly thrown yourself
Today, you're unhappy
you're not allowed to breath
and dificulties to exsist

Marilou - flee her

You didn't learn manners, you didn't get tired.
You searched for an undying love.
You were taken in by a couple of sweet words,
And you were tricked, left all alone.

Sertab Erener - Başa Döneceksin

I have made do with what I've been given and told
Sometimes our plans turn against us
None of my dreams have come true
The blows I have taken in life hurt me bad!

Mayra Andrade - Song of Farewell

Now you're gone
I can feel my heart is breaking,
An' I can't go on
When I think of the love that you've taken

In the night I pray for your embrace,

Whitesnake - Now You're Gone

Oh my heart, my heart’s gonna break again
Oh my god my god won’t forsake again
Oh mercy I want to be taken in
Oh mercy

Lissie - Worried About

She walks in and I'm suddenly a hero
I'm taken in my hopes begin to rise
Look at me can't you tell I'd be so

Olivia Newton-John - Suddenly

And in which city by side of every of ladies
Will you suffer so, will you be all alone,
How do you wanna play the next role,
Who will be taken in your fake pain?

With whom will you feel as bad as with me,

Renata Przemyk - With whom will you feel as bad as with me

Godmother fainted,
There was one that took in a ghost<fn>"un muerto" here means the spirit of a dead person. People who practice this religion also believe that they could be possed by "Orishas"(deities).</fn>
Another emptied himself from one
And one that had taken in a diety
very furiously shouted:
"¡Mr. don't touch the banana!

Willy Chirino - Mister Don´t Touch the Banana

Before you forget what you've forgotten
compare what have you taken by what have you given
You've taken my life, my soul and my years
And what between us you've ended in a moment
You didn't give me but bitterness

Akmal Raslan - After the life

Is we all fall down
Yes, we all fall down

Taken in, by the sweetest sin
Milk and honey tasting skin
'S why she always wins

Ben's Brother - Beauty Queen

There were two steaks with beans, and one with BSE.

Two little Jägermeister applied for asylum
One was taken in, the other would be too many

One for all, all for one

Die Toten Hosen - Ten little Jägermeister

[Fabri Fibra]

I did it again, I was taken in
you're not my girlfriend, but there something was between us
but go away now, because I'm engaged

Fabri Fibra - Another chance

Must be taken in hand
Unruly girls
Who will not grow up
They must be taken in hand

The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home

Chorus x2

Another picture taken in a hurry,
Whatever happens, I'll dream (of you) everyday,
Hoping that someday you'll be with me

Activ - In my heart

You came to me
With all of your lies
And I was taken in so well
It took me quite a time
To see the disguise

Uriah Heep - I'll keep on trying

Do you remember me? How we used to be?
Do you think we should be closer?

By the cold and religious we were taken in hand
Shown how to feel good and told to feel bad.
Tongue tied and terrified we learned how to pray

Pink Floyd - Your possible pasts

A boy taken in by a demon's temptation
Takes up the magnificently dancing pair of snow white shoes
They glimmer, they shine, they taper to a point bewitchingly, beautifully;
He lets his bare feet slide into the demon's mouth, too

Blood red shoes!

Calmando Qual - Blood Red Shoes

See just how
The lies and deceit gained a little more power

Confidence taken in
By a sun tan
And a grin

In Flames - Everything Counts

And you're not the man
You thought that you were

You had me taken in
But now I've found you out
And I won't go through that again

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Get Over You

Even if it’s a strategy meeting, with that unforgivable speed of yours,
don’t come any closer
I have no time to think about it,
so I’ll somehow avoid being taken in by your first move.

Yes it’s too late already. I can see through it.

Girls' Generation - You-Aholic

in my mind
I shall capture it anew,
like some picture
taken in my childhood
Half a moment
spent with you.

Sarah Brightman - Half a moment

Trapping inside this soundless world.
Reaching no shore in this deadly sea.
Be unable to accept all just for the unusual heart.
Just for the heart that can`t breathe,which causes the sky that can`t be taken in.

Waiting for no person.

ChthoniC - Supreme Pain For The Tyrant

Words of love.
Molding on the places
Wanted every night.
Taken in the spaces.
Hidden from the light.

Bad Boys Blue - If you call on me

La-la-la, la-la, la-la

Don't know the first thing about who you are
My heart is waiting, taken in from the start
If we don't go now, we won't get very far
Don't know the first thing about who you are

Beirut - No No No

There is no place for me except here
I'll stay here with you
Here that the atmosphere is good
Breath will be taken in chest
My heart will beat for you

Sami Beigi - Synced

I may never know for certain
When will be my time
How was I considered evil?
Pleasures taken in this life
Someone granted me reprieval
Decades spent in strife

Disturbed - Overburdened

Ah, you and me, what time we left it's not us anymore
two oasis in a desert of allergies
with mirages of poetries sometimes
taken in the same way by the wind
with sand that comes to us from dunes
and that steals place from bright and clear water

Speechi Reflesi - E chi non sei la ricorda

You have made me a bit of a wolf,
Because I have taken in land wide and also long
I have taken in land long and wide
And I have enough in this country to be satisfied.

Tudor Gheorghe - Outlaw's folksong*

I was missin' in action
On the side of a carton
I was taken in a Datsun
From a street in Acton

M.I.A. - Amazon

But she fear for only him because she love him although apart she take off his sadness
Andy you will chase after her on the day she cast you away and you missed her
She is the one not too cool nor too funny but she loved to be taken in his eyes for life without getting hurt

Amal Maher - Fear Our God In Me

See, it’s been a while
Looking through your eyes
I was taken in, taken by surprise.
Why did you want me, why’d you stayed so close?
You’re still not leaving?

Jessie Ware - Still Love Me

And the entire time,
He is like you. Like you..

If you are taken in
& you feel a hand
Don't be afraid,

Sebastian - You're not alone

It doesn't matter who says how it should be
Let's start the Industrial Revolution, you and me

Value taken in. Bills appointed to power
What a sad place this is
It can't be helped anymore, let's do it

REOL - B12

Cold rain comes down on you
Pesaro (an italian city ndr) is a clever woman
Maybe it's true, you became see-through
But you will never be taken in

And I don't care if you don't love me anymore

Calcutta - Why do I even miss you

They say that I’m born depressed
These days my heart is tangled
My heart doesn't feel good
My breath is taken in nostalgia
These days happiness is far away from me

Shahram kashani - you have to come back

They say that I’m born depressed
These days my heart is tangled
My heart doesn't feel good
My breath is taken in nostalgia
These days happiness is far away from me

Shahram kashani - you have to come back

And you walk up in the street
And hold my hand and smile
Well I won't be taken in
'Cause I know how it turns out
And it takes me back to these quiet times coming 'round here.

Dido - Quiet Times

So you think you got it all figured out
You're an expert in the field, without a doubt
But I know your methods inside and out
And I won't be taken in by fire and ice


Rasputina - Fire And Ice

Even love is schizophrenic

300 lesions and the curtains close
21 grams taken in the atmosphere
And you will see me smile in the only place I shine
I feel I'm where I need to be

Kyo - Russian Dolls

And baby, look at the debris of what we have become
Oh can't anybody help us?
Why should anybody care?
I'm so taken in by you
I would follow you oohh to the other side
Our connections are sugar sweet

Madness - Circus Freaks

The tambourine jingle-jangles.
The medium roams and rambles.
Not taken in,
I break the circle.

Kate Bush - Houdini

My God forgive me
For all of the bodies
I've taken in battle
All's fair in love and war

Escape the Fate - The afterman (The guillotine III)

Black Day in July . . .
And the soul of Motor City is bared across the land,
As the book of law and order is taken in the hands
Of the sons of the fathers who were carried to this land.
Black Day in July . . .

Gordon Lightfoot - Black Day In July

Who could say
How many hearts bled that day?

He asked to taken in the balcony,
He grabben the spyglass
To look one more time

Nelu Vlad - When Stephen was about to die

In a town hungry for the lonely
Lost, innocent child
Forbidden life taken in a moment
Life too late for saving
Or just in time

Silent Hill (OST) - Elle Theme

To forget that you love me
You gave me that taste
And forgot the place
Big steps taken in the wrong moment
Won't make me get far from you

Zélia Duncan - Intimacy

A number can clean you out
So you hurry on home
And so your credit card shouts
We're never taken in hearts
We spend each day on the bones of our arts
You're the story of my life

Scars on 45 - Burn The House Down

For long lost Gabrielle
Whose nightly spreading grin
Persists in other faces
By whom I'm slowly taken in

Cradle of Filth - Gabrielle

Hey my friend I've
Got a story to tell
About me marching straight
Through hell.
It's you who makes my live being
A cheerless fate

The Last Hangmen - The Hypocrite

The beloved girl makes lovers cry
What can I do to destiny?
It makes me cry every spring
I can not be taken in you, my love, I can not have the heart to harm you

Erkan Oğur - My Nightingale Is In The Golden Cage

Left rain in the heart

How can one call resolve it all, if this a game?
How can life be taken in one jump, so today
became Yesterday- ay?
The string has tightened.

Nuteki - Last call

And you keep drinking so that you don't have to think about it

I know that you know that I wasn't like him
Yes, but I won't fall for it again [fn] Cascarci is a verb that means "to be taken in" or "to fall for something". Non ci casco più means I won't fall (for it) anymore. Casco as a noun means helmet. This phrase does not mean "There not helmet anymore". :)[/fn]

I would like to meet up with you to tell you something that will amaze you

Yota - You're Doing Well

[fn]I have a few possible translations for this expression. I will not let this go. I will not let this happen to me. I will not permit someone to treat me this way. I will not put up with this. I will not take this lying down. I will not be taken in. Unfortunately, ATILF has been down overnight for at least 12 hours so I can't find a really good answer to my questions. Unless you can answer me . . .[/fn]... I will not let this go!... I will not let this go!... I will not let this go!
A strange bandit
Managed to get into my home while I was sleeping.
When I opened my eyes...My god, I could hardly catch my breath!
Because I calmed myself down,
The bandit came toward me on tip-toes, touched me, kissed me, wrapped me in his arms...

Fon Thanasoonthorn - I Will Not Let This Go

Of truths and lies

And living is almost a game
A dive taken in the infinite
If you know how to play with fire
There isn't anything more beautiful

RPM - Real Life

Inside every one of us lives an animal
Who enjoys being lazy
It holds us back and slows us down
And then we're all taken in
Say, wouldn't it be great to go out again? Instead,
We hang out in front of the TV, way too comfortable

Lauter Leben - Your Life Is Calling

Your club is full overrated dehydrated, goggle eyed girls
They're trying to stare at me but their eyes are rattling
And they're struggling to see

She can't stand still cause of 16 pills that's she's taken
In the minibus

The Courteeners - Cavorting

The wind blows hard today, plunge your roots earthward
It approaches with the force of the hurricane, grab onto solid ground,
Don't let yourself be taken, don't let yourself be taken[fn ="5"]In English it would be more normal to say "don't let yourself be <i>taken in</i>," but the juxtaposition with the hurricane works better without it.[/fn], don't let yourself be programmed.

Grow your own ideas, grow your own ideas.

Cultura Profética - New Ideas

Seventeen itself assured in secret so to blame
Hold it in, it’s not a sin, it’s just a shame
You’re not alone, this man he loves you
In spite of everything you are
But not by my grace

Ben Moody - All For This

I want to burn once more
In the brazier of first times

Sensing the sounds as if taken in a trap
I will foresee my first snows
Clapping my hands like a child

Renan Luce - The iris and the rose

Little did the Western Kalmucks guess what reasons they also had for gratitude on account of an interposition so unexpected, and which at the moment they so generally deplored. Could they but have witnessed the thousandth part of the sufferings which overtook their Eastern brethren in the first month of their sad flight, they would have blessed Heaven for their own narrow escape; and yet these sufferings of the first month were but a prelude or foretaste comparatively slight of those which afterwards succeeded.

For now began to unroll the most awful series of calamities, and the most extensive, which is anywhere recorded to have visited the sons and daughters of men. It is possible that the sudden inroads of destroying nations, such as the Huns, or the Avars, or the Mongol Tartars, may have inflicted misery as extensive; but there the misery and the desolation would be sudden--like the flight of volleying lightning. Those who were spared at first would generally be spared to the end; those who perished would perish instantly. It is possible that the French retreat from Moscow may have made some nearer approach to this calamity in duration, though still a feeble and miniature approach; for the French sufferings did not commence in good earnest until about one month from the time of leaving Moscow; and though it is true that afterwards the vials of wrath were emptied upon the devoted army for six or seven weeks in succession, yet what is that to this Kalmuck tragedy, which lasted for more than as many months? But the main feature of horror, by which the Tartar march was distinguished from the French, lies in the accompaniment of women [Footnote: Singular it is, and not generally known, that Grecian women accompanied the _Anabasis_ of the younger Cyrus and the subsequent Retreat of the Ten Thousand. Xenophon affirms that there were 'many' women in the Greek army--pollai aesun etairai en tosratenaeazi; and in a late stage of that trying expedition it is evident that women were amongst the survivors.] and children. There were both, it is true, with the French army, but so few as to bear no visible proportion to the total numbers concerned. The French, in short, were merely an army--a host of professional destroyers, whose regular trade was bloodshed, and whose regular element was danger and suffering. But the Tartars were a nation carrying along with them more than two hundred and fifty thousand women and children, utterly unequal, for the most part, to any contest with the calamities before them. The Children of Israel were in the same circumstances as to the accompaniment of their families; but they were released from the pursuit of their enemies in a very early stage of their flight; and their subsequent residence in the Desert was not a march, but a continued halt, and under a continued interposition of Heaven for their comfortable support. Earthquakes, again, however comprehensive in their ravages, are shocks of a moment's duration. A much nearer approach made to the wide range and the long duration of the Kalmuck tragedy may have been in a pestilence such as that which visited Athens in the Peloponnesian war, or London in the reign of Charles II. There also the martyrs were counted by myriads, and the period of the desolation was counted by months. But, after all, the total amount of destruction was on a smaller scale; and there was this feature of alleviation to the _conscious_ pressure of the calamity--that the misery was withdrawn from public notice into private chambers and hospitals. The siege of Jerusalem by Vespasian and his son, taken in its entire circumstances, comes nearest of all--for breadth and depth of suffering, for duration, for the exasperation of the suffering from without by internal feuds, and, finally, for that last most appalling expression of the furnace-heat of the anguish in its power to extinguish the natural affections even of maternal love. But, after all, each case had circumstances of romantic misery peculiar to itself--circumstances without precedent, and (wherever human nature is ennobled by Christianity) it may be confidently hoped--never to be repeated.

The first point to be reached, before any hope of repose could be encouraged, was the river Jaik. This was not above three hundred miles from the main point of departure on the Wolga; and if the march thither was to be a forced one, and a severe one, it was alleged on the other hand that the suffering would be the more brief and transient; one summary exertion, not to be repeated, and all was achieved. Forced the march was, and severe beyond example: there the forewarning proved correct; but the promised rest proved a mere phantom of the wilderness --a visionary rainbow, which fled before their hope-sick eyes, across these interminable solitudes, for seven months of hardship and calamity, without a pause. These sufferings, by their very nature, and the circumstances under which they arose, were (like the scenery of the _Steppes_) somewhat monotonous in their coloring and external features: what variety, however, there was, will be most naturally exhibited by tracing historically the successive stages of the general misery, exactly as it unfolded itself under the double agency of weakness still increasing from within, and hostile pressure from without. Viewed in this manner, under the real order of development, it is remarkable that these sufferings of the Tartars, though under the moulding hands of accident, arrange themselves almost with a scenical propriety. They seem combined, as with the skill of an artist; the intensity of the misery advancing regularly with the advances of the march, and the stages of the calamity corresponding to the stages of the route; so that, upon raising the curtain which veils the great catastrophe, we behold one vast climax of anguish, towering upwards by regular gradations, as if constructed artificially for picturesque effect:--a result which might not have been surprising, had it been reasonable to anticipate the same rate of speed, and even an accelerated rate, as prevailing through the later stages of the expedition. But it seemed, on the contrary, most reasonable to calculate upon a continual decrement in the rate of motion according to the increasing distance from the head-quarters of the pursuing enemy. This calculation, however, was defeated by the extraordinary circumstance, that the Russian armies did not begin to close in very fiercely upon the Kalmucks until after they had accomplished a distance of full two thousand miles; one thousand miles further on the assaults became even more tumultuous and murderous; and already the great shadows of the Chinese Wall were dimly descried, when the frenzy and _acharnement_ of the pursuers, and the bloody desperation of the miserable fugitives had reached its uttermost extremity. Let us briefly rehearse the main stages of the misery, and trace the ascending steps of the tragedy, according to the great divisions of the route marked out by the central rivers of Asia.

Thomas De Quincey - Revolt of the Tartars

I wonder what kind of mothers have you had.
If they could see you now at work
in a world they don't know,
taken in an endless circle
of experiences so different from theirs,
what look would they have in their eyes?

Pier Paolo Pasolini - Mothers Ballad

These are cold hard times

I heard my brother died last week or was it just a rumor
From an overdose of hate taken in his veins
I heard the preachers said God must have a sense of humor
'Cause when they put him in the grave it didn't even rain

Lee Hazlewood - Cold Hard Times

Let them fly through summer
Let them sing
Let them go freely
Being taken in hand would cause death of the mystery

Pluck not the beautiful people, my dear

La Perdita Generacio - Pluck not the flowers

from work that night.
As soon as she arrived
she found that pretty snake
she'd taken in had been revived.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; "Take me in, oh tender woman,

Al Wilson - The Snake

It's a God who is dead,
along the edges of the streets God is dead,
in the cars taken in installments God is dead,
in summer's myths God is dead...

Francesco Guccini - God is Dead

And I'll rack it up
I'm unorphaned in our northern lights
Dedicoding every daemon
Taken in the tall grass of the mountain cable
And I cannot seem to find I'm able

Bon Iver - 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄

I do not say that one day
It could not be
That the dance will end
And I'll rest taken in the trap
Who will it be
Probably you, what do I know ?

Brigitte Bardot - I dance, therefore I am

No matter how powerful it is
It will come to an end very fast
Learn to cherish every debt in your life
The most emulative child will be taken in my arms

Who is good and who is bad

Miriam Yeung - Best debt

No matter how much the bleeding wounds
From enemy sword cuts, hurts to the bone

The revenge they sought was taken in blood
No mercy was showed, no mercy was showed
They ignore the pain that hammer like pounds

Amon Amarth - Victorious March

So we start with my father as a boy barely spoke a word of english
Fell in love from a distance he watched her working from the back fence
He learned some words and some clever turns of phrase from his father's
Book of poets, she wasn't taken in that instant,
But grew impressed with his persistence.

Radical Face - Family Portrait

In the first place, I reside in your heart, oh light to my eyes[fn]I.e: She is calling him the light of her eyes.[/fn]
In the first place, I reside in your heart, oh light to my eyes[fn]I.e: She is calling him the light of her eyes.[/fn]

I loved the sweet smile[fn]or laugh[/fn] and was taken in by the look of the eyes
I gave you my heart, my soul and I gifted you the world's flowers

Tamara Ayash - I Begged You

Refugee family never rehomed
When I talk values, they tell me about first places
They scorn mastery, I master scorn
In spite of the mind, we are taken in the screams
Alone facing my reflection : no symmetry
And then I made the only one who loved me sad

Nekfeu - Humanoid

The islands, the beaches,
Are filling up with people
Moments and images,
Being taken in photos
Nights at the bars
Rhythm, noise

Nikos Kourkoulis - Crazy Summer

[Couplet 4: Assassam]
Deviance Reigns, the light becomes double
Taken in this staging, crime
I see the roses in trouble, and I have inverted our glasses, the words, to see the gold in loop, a purple torrent
Spade head emitting from the couch the call of a stupid and nasty sound

High Five Crew - Stupid and Nasty

Wait, Jensen is embracing the universe...

Jensen, Jensen, come and see!
Blotter paper[fn]Blotter paper is not only used for absorbing ink, oil, etc., but also to distribute LSD and other similar narcotics, which are supposed to be taken in very small doses.[/fn] garlands
and crazy confetti,
while the gondolas are sailing

Steppeulvene - Jensen

All the seats are taken in the house that makes the rules
All the seats are taken in the parliament of fools
All the seats are taken in the house that makes the rules
All the seats are taken in the parliament of fools

Armed with this liberal knowledge I set off to London town

Skyclad - The Parliament of Fools

You draw me in
Like the moon draws the tide
Swept away by this love
Taken in by your eyes

If I had to walk away from you

Gloria Estefan - Destiny

And we found that place together:
Fading blue we always knew would go away.
So I let it be taken in,
and let go of your hand!

Kanako Itō - Shoes of Glass

Even before one is alive, one is taken
In a nest of flesh and tenderness
An infinite embrace that binds us
We deliver a wisdom
Everything is already taken
But for whom since this cry

Lara Fabian - Ave Maria

Your followers sometimes have been a bearded, hatless bunch
There's even been a minister or two
A priest, a nun, a rabbi and an educated man
Have listened and been taken in by you
Aw, the country's full of two-faced politicians
Who encourage you with words that go like this

Marty Robbins - Ain't I right

Oh, remember them kindly in their time of trouble
and in the hour of their taking away

After a little I am taken in and put to bed
Sleep, soft smiling, draws me unto her
And those receive me, who quietly treat me

Samuel Barber - Knoxville: Summer of 1915

Getting a handkerchief

And I just couldn't take it anymore
or I was just taken in
Her sexy red high heels
And her skirt and her lips

Jurk! - Tramline 7

Now then, my friend
Now to your purpose
Patience, enjoy it
Revenge can't be taken in haste...

[Judge Turpin:]

Sweeney Todd (OST) - Pretty Women

Jacky's old Renault 4L
feels like a bad movie
Everytime we are taken in great horror
Trying to squeeze ourselves all into it

Coco Rapido - Jacky's old Renault

Should have left it to me

They told us the future would be
Taken in hand
Nice little blueprint but the flaw
The flaw's in the plan

Crookers - Hold Up Your Hand

Light and sound show
At headquarters

Oh, not seen not taken in the shadow of the aircraft
The soldiers of the virtual

No One Is Innocent - Drones

You have such a bad fever, it's like you're burning

I have completely taken in all of your feelings,
But, stop pushing yourself so hard

Frozen Fever (OST) - Perfect Day ~A Special Day~

And when the daylight cover rolls around
And if by chance we're both taken in
and taken downtown
But if we should meet before then,
then just walk on by

Cat Power - Dark End of the Street

well yesterday I thought I met an angel
but she wasn't worth all she seemed to be worth
and oh what a fool I have been
I was sure taken in

Now I'm her yesterday man

Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man

You can always tell me lies
Especially when they have a sweet flavor
With some same old "I love you"
Because guys are taken in so easy
But I like it for some reason
Guess I need a girl in my life

Nona Reeves - TONIGHT~Where There Was Love~

We can drown in mixed emotions
Analyzing your devotions
Sorting out the world's confusions
Taken in by life's illusions
Well, no one cares about your inner fears
No one can deal with them but you

Holly Johnson - Follow Your Heart

A reunion in the sun, running with friends of mine
My lifelong classmates...

Memories in photos taken, in my heart the melodies throb
As long as I sleep my dream will not run away and end
With the next day there is our celebration and sorrow

Hurd - The Lone Classmate

Somebody on the phone
Says he's at the station and he's coming on the noon
Then we get the story a serious breeze
And a photograph taken in the hall
You don't have to worry with the previous release
Right now, he's saying nothing at all

Dire Straits - Communiqué

And so I'm back and I am stuck here in the same room.
A thorough shuffle to the mail my first excuse
not to immediately face the day's agenda.
Some very awkward words I need be telling you
of a feeling that in motion through I've carried
for it to be worn off upon return

Erlend Øye - The Talk

I've been fooling myself for all this time
I,ve been taken in by a hundred meetings
I have kept your name inside my heart till this time
Save me, ask me, perhabs I am taken in again?

Come on, be deserved for my name[fn] Lol, that's even meaningless in Azerbaijani[/fn]

Farid Mammadov - Be Deserved for My Name

It's about time to have blast! (tonight, we're gonna have show time!)

Even if I try acting like a lovely and graceful girl
My big bro ain't be taken in but I don't want to be hated
But I have no heart to say even a single word "thank you"

Aimi Tanaka - Revolutionary☆Metamorphose!

I know you can hardly wait til I'm away from him.
Instinctively, I know what you're thinking,
You'll be giving him an open invitation,
But my baby won't be taken in.

You can pout your cherry lips,

Dream - He Loves U Not

To have sweet talking the Juncal told him in Seville
And the moor looked for a girlfriend
Everyone says, she was taken in like an old woman
You peel royal parrot
The very scoundrel, twisted the turban

Rosa Morena - The little bereber

Stop denying your thirst
And drink a little:
Love should be taken in like this,
In small sips.
Just allow yourself to be guided

Coral Segovia - The First Man in Your Life

Before they are lost forever

And I was looking at a photograph
Taken from a window way above the world
We've got to learn
We must leave here a garden for our children

Chris de Burgh - Shine On

that seems like a half of a lie myself

I drew songs with my left hand,
imaging pictures taken in the coastline

I'm going into you

Ling Tosite Sigure - This Is Is This?

Betrayed by her own kin
Her tears soon grew this lake

Wed in grief, taken in by lies
Chained to the devil in disguise

Orden Ogan - Evil Lies in Every Man

Well it was out in California by the San Diego sea
That was when I was taken in and it left its mark on me
Yeah she nearly drove me crazy with all those China toys
And I know she really didn't mean a thing to any of those sailor boys

Tom Petty - Louisiana Rain

with the same dream
with farewell tears.

So much time was taken (in search of love)
my heart did not forget (in search of love)
that sometimes it hurts as much

D'Nash - I for you, you for me

Because here's our home, nothing bad will come to you
And your true self[fn]Literally: "I", but in this context it means one's [true] self[/fn] is waiting for you here
You will understand something that I have taken in long ago
That you have happiness in front, where do you race

Moana (OST) - Your True Self

It doesn't matter if this is a sin!

My body demands more!
Just let yourself be taken in
For nothing can be censored;
It doesn't matter if this is a sin!

Marta Sánchez - My Body Demands More

Why I do not know

Perhaps an indirect impact of history
Times taken in struggle, and in joy
Now forgotten, and yet I think not
Only a lonely bestrewn plot

Ww Ww - Faceless Stones

I started to love
and little by little I started to understand
that love is a story that never ends well
it is taken in the thought, you don't split from it.

The clock of love has a machine

Ketama - The clock of love