Такси (Taksi) (English translation)


- Свободен?
- Куда везти?
- Да прямо давай крути.
- А... прямо - по пути,
Поедем, не загрустим.
А счетчик такси стучит,
И ночь уносит меня.
От разных квартир ключи
В кармане моем звенят.
И кружится в стеклах снег.
- Наверно спешишь к жене?
- Ошибка, жены-то нет.
- К знакомой?
- Опять не к ней.
- Сегодня у нас среда?
- Сегодня у нас беда...
- Да брось ты, все ерунда.
А все же везти куда?
- Направо?
- Нельзя никак.
- Налево?
- Одна тоска.
Давай-ка вперед пока,
Прибавь-ка, браток, газка.
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English translationEnglish (equirhythmic, poetic)
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“Hey, boss, are you free?” “Where to?”
“For now just drive straight ahead.”
“All right, straight ahead, will do.
Let’s go on a ride instead.”
The taxi-cab meter clicks.
This night takes me slow away.
Two different sets of keys
Are rattling inside my vest.
The snowflakes swirl in the bliss.
“I bet you ride to your wife.”
“No, buddy. I’ve got no wife.”
“A girlfriend?” “Another miss.”
“And what is the day today?”
“Today is an awful day.”
“Oh, drop it. Nonsense, I’ll say.
You better tell me which way.”
“A right turn?” “I can’t do that.”
“A left turn?” “It’s such a woe.
Continue just straight ahead,
And step on it, will you, bro?”
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).

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Critique is always welcomed, negative too.

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Author's comments:

Original meter is a trimeter: iamb-anapest-iamb (with minor deviations). ABAB rhyming pattern with strong endings only.

One of two dialogue songs by Vizbor. The second one is a Phone Conversation. It's actually a monologue. Regular smile

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