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You Don't Own Me lyrics

  • Artist: Tamino (Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad)
  • Album: Sahar
  • Translations: German
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    , Greek #1, #2, Spanish, Turkish #1, #2

You Don't Own Me

You may keep me in
In between your walls
Ban me from traveling
And tell me not to sing
And you may have your thoughts
A sketch of who I am
A notion you've conceived
A sight you want to see
But you don't know me
No, you don't know me
You claim to walk in love
Though mercy is your foe
You've already dug a grave
Now you hope I misbehave
You say you know the cause
Of every shattered dream
Even when there's none to blame
You always shout my name
But I don't owe you
I've never owed you
You may keep me here
You seem to know just how
To pin me to the ground
Each time you come around
Take away my home
Obscuring what I am
And plague me all night long
And lay claim to freedom's song
But you don't own me
No, you don't own me
You don't own me
You don't own me
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