Tomlin e nonës (English translation)


Tomlin e nonës

Lindje-Perendim, Perendim a Lindje
si dele ne pazar po t'cojne
mes dy qyteterimeve
dy .....
dyte po t'ngrehin e ti po qet shkume
je shume i lodhun
gjate ke nejt n'zhurme
e ki nevoje me marr fryme se jane tu t'ngulfat
zani s'po t'del e don me piskat
krejt dhunshem n'kry t'kane hallakat
edhe sa ka me zgat
derisa t'coptojne
derisa te dajne e sa t'pervlojne
derisa ta kupton se s'un vazhdon ne konfuzion
e beba s'un e han nje pule te pjekte
as s'un e han nje spec te djegst
e ti po don me shti me ngajt
hala pa msu me ec
e ti n'dac jepi cucell t'arabise
n'dac jepi cucell te frances
ajo ka me lyp tomlin e nanes bal
tomlin e nanes
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Mother's Milk

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Orient-Occident, Occident or Orient
to the market they take you like a sheep
between the two civilizations
both have taken you by the rope
both are pulling you and you're foaming
you're tiresome
long time you've been standing in the noise
you've got to breathe, they're choking you
your have no voice left out to scream
so violently they've messed you up in your head
and how much longer till they all chop you to pieces
till they split you and boil you
till you understand that you won't be keeping on in confusion
the baby won't be able to eat the roasted chicken
won't be able to eat the chilly pepper
you're forcing the baby to go and run
before s/he can start to walk first
you might as well give it an arabian pacifier
or you might give it a french pacifier
but still s/he will demand for the mother's milk, you moron!
mother's milk, you moron!
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