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So Important

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Every other day
I feel time escaping between my hands and
I'm pursuing it.
My thoughts and those wishes
that with no rules and somewhat bitterly I had next to you,
you'll remember them
as if it had only been a dream
that we lived through those unique months
so as to no longer look for you.
But it's not so important,
one single moment of melancholy
sliding down the eyes of people
walking indifferently, my love.
It's the fault of a summer,
of one night's perfume, of a moment that,
that I won't ever forget.
Guided by the yearning of suddenly
feeling each other always closer,
almost burning each other.
It's already too late, don't even think about it.
It's not the time to forget and be born again,
to no longer look for you.
But I don't know what is more important,
trusting or not trusting you,
that face so imprinted here inside my mind.
I don't know but I'm always thinking of you.
And there is nothing
that erases my memory of you,
your dreamy and different look.
Where are you? Tell me where you are now.
And in a moment I come back to my present.
I think you are still here.
You are so important.
Look at me, I need you!
In your eyes, I see crystal-clear water
like a river getting lost within me.

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Tan importante

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