Tanja Boskovic - Tango Smrti (English translation)


Tango Smrti

Igrajmo najlepšu igru
nek' radost mi ispuni grud
strasno nežno mi sapni
da l' ne beše uzalud
Igrajmo poslednji tango
naše igre već gasne plam
život se šali sa nama
biću sama i ti sam
Daleke jecaju zvezde
mio se gasi sjaj
srce mi već dugo sluti
svemu će doći kraj
Igrajmo taj tango smrti
kao nekada pre
neka se sve zavrti
samo ne zaboravi me
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English translation

Tango of Death

Let us dance the fairest dance
Let joy fill my breast
Passionately, gently whisper to me
Whether it wasn't in vain1
Let us dance the last tango
The flame of our dance is already fading
Life is making jokes with us
I'll be alone and you'll be alone.2
Faraway stars are sobbing
The sweet glow is being extinguished
My heart has been suspecting for a while now
That everything will end.
Let us dance that tango of death
Like we used to before
Let everything spin
Just do not forget me.
  • 1. Yes, whether, not "that" - it sounds unusual in the original, too.
  • 2. The narrator is (obviously) female, the person she is singing to is male, but that cannot be expressed properly in English.
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