Going Steady - Tanpopo Song (English translation)

English translation

Dandelion Song

Dandelion, dandelion, dandelion
I gotta believe yesterday I’ve lived.
I gotta believe tomorrow I will live.
"I love you." It’s my true intention from my soul
Tanpopo on the concrete cheers me.
Coming out powerfully,being all alone.
"I love you." It’s my true intention from my soul.
I can’t throw away,my belief and dream.
I can’t throw away,my special life.
I can’t throw away,my this feeling.
I want to believe myself.
Like a dandelion. . .
like a dandelion. . .
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Tanpopo Song

mabushii    Tue, 22/05/2012 - 09:13

Thank you EMZ998. The song Stand By Me is a little high level for my Japanese knowledge xD but I will give it a try ^_^ Ganbarimasu. One more tip, it helps if you put just the Japanese text but then put the romaji in the transliteration section ^_^