Tuna Velibaşoğlu - Tanrım Bizi Azad Et (English translation)


Tanrım Bizi Azad Et

hayat boyu bir çok hata yaptım
ama hiçbiri senin kadar büyük değil
senin her yerin ihanet her sözün felaket
göçmeden bu dünyadan
tanrım n’olur bizi azad et
nasıl yaptım bunu asıl ben kendime
her şeyin suçlusu benim
ağlayamam halime
hayat neden bıraktın beni
bu yalancı zalime
beni yalnız bıraktın
beni yalnız bıraktın
Submitted by Derin Derince on Tue, 10/01/2017 - 12:06
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English translation

Allah had us Azad

I made a lot of mistakes in this life
But none was big like this mistake
Disloyalty everywhere, every word is a disaster
Failed this world
What happened to us, and Allah has freed from him
How I did this to myself, and suspended
Everything is my fault I
I can not cry on myself
Why did you leave me to live
This lying suffused
Just leave me alone
Just leave me alone
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Ilgaz.Y    Sun, 15/01/2017 - 07:37

Almost any line of your translation match with the origin of the song...
You should check up on your translation, then I'll review my vote. Regards.