Le Roi Soleil (Comédie musicale) - Tant qu'on rêve encore (English translation)

English translation

As Long As We Still Remember

Once upon a time,
That’s how a story
In our memories, we all have
A dream deep down
Of childhood.
We leave for life
Without a choice
As long as we still remember -
Our eyes are still surprised.
Nothing is lost.
As long as we still remember -
No one ever passes away
And ceases to dream.
Never again.
We forge ahead
In the playground of adults
To confront,
Without defying the giants,
And find a place at the forefront.
We fill our lives
Because we forget
How it passes so.
{to the Refrain}
Once upon a time,
Everything begins like this.
We looks back on our history.
Life as it goes :
With its errors,
Its failings, and its laws.
It is difficult to think about happiness,
Often far from ones own,
While it fights,
It is always there
Just by being alive.
{to the Refrain, x2}
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Tant qu'on rêve encore

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