Tanti auguri (English translation)

  • Artist: Marcella Bella
  • Song: Tanti auguri 4 translations
  • Translations: Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Spanish
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Many wishes

There is nothing now
that remembers us
that house which was mine
it is already written on it
"for rent" and
I am walking to there
and see that
the flower which I planted with you last year has blossmed
Many wishes to you
who knows it because
many wishes to you
it is not your birthday
and I don't know
where you are
many wishes to her
to that who is now with you
and the party is over
many wishes
There is now emptiness
as the word "no"
that house which was mine
but geranium doesn't know
and it is blossoming
like last year
the heart hurts me
but nothing has changed
in the garden
Chorus 1x
Many wishes to me
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Tanti auguri

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