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Tatsu no ko Taro (English translation)

  • Artist: Jun'ya katô
  • Song: Tatsu no ko Taro

Tatsu no ko Taro

東の風よ プィーとふけ
西の風も プィーとふけ
おいらは おいらは 龍の子 龍の子太郎
雲が呼んでるで でーらでんでらてん
龍の子 風の子 魔物の子
南の風よ プィーとふけ
北の風も プィーとふけ
おいらは おいらは 龍の子 龍の子太郎
雲が踊るぞで でーらでんでらてん
龍の子 風の子 魔物の子
Submitted by LanternVLanternV on 2022-09-24
Submitter's comments:

These are the full lyrics of the song, but the video ends at "雲が踊るぞで でーらでんでらてん".

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Dragon Child Taro

Winds of the East, blow strong.
Winds of the West, also blow strong,
Take all the rains with you.
I am, I am the dragon child, Tatsunoko Taro
The land is calling me. Den Dera den dera den
Massive dreams come my way.
Dragon child, dragon child, magical child.
Journey through the lands.
Winds of the South, blow strong.
Winds of the North, also blow strong,
Blow, blow your flutes with you.
I am, I am the dragon child, Tatsunoko Taro
The clouds are dancing. Den Dera den dera den
Endless joy circles around
Dragon child, Wind child, Demon child
Rise up, up, up in the sky
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Submitted by UAHTPUAHTP on 2022-09-24
Added in reply to request by alderalder
Author's comments:

Most of the translations come from a translation already done, the last 2 lines were not included so I translated them.

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