Rocío Jurado - Te di mi corazón (English translation)

English translation

I gave you my heart

Who separates you from my arms?
Who wants you to forget me with misleading?
Come, let's see each other, face to face,
because your silence is hurting me.
I want you to tell me honestly
if I still have your love,
but if you don't care for me, be brave
and tell me to go, darling.
I gave you my heart in love,
blinded by the light of your flags,
I gave you my heart and I failed,
you give it to me back whenever you want it,
you give it to me back whenever you want it.
Don't be affraid that I cry and ask you
to return to me again,
I prefer that from the map of your life,
you erase me, darling, completely.
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Te di mi corazón

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