A te kujtohet (English translation)

  • Artist: Noizy (Rigels Rajku)
  • Song: A te kujtohet 6 translations
  • Translations: English, German, Italian, Persian, Romanian, Serbian
English translationEnglish

Do you remember

Mmm we don't Talk
I think about her with a picture at the moment
Some things she did out of anger
Or she sent me some pictures where there wasn't time for
Yea yea yea get ready
I am on my way with that big body
Freak in bed but she so classy
And when she wakea up in the morning,i see a whole paradise
Mmm i don't have any words
I jump above her as if I am a cannibal
The only thing she says is babe don't stop
Oh yea she love it when I hit it from behind yeah
How do I know what she's doing right now?!
Do you think,she's thinking about what I'm doing right now?
But what if we meet again?
Would you talk to me if we met again?
Do you remember those moment when we were together
When we said we're never going to break up?
Look where we are now
It's been a time where we didn't see each other
You fine girl but you're not mine girl
The only thing I have now are the memories that we left in the past
Do you remember when we said we're never gonna break up
And as if the sun and the moon get together
And if they talk about us,I'm just getting stronger
Look where we are now and I never hear "we" anymore
I did a mistake I know- you did mistakes
We both did mistakes but maybe we didn't know
I am not saying that it's your fault because it doesn't matter
Everybody that hated us is know happy to see us like this
Can we change it or not?let's start from 1
Let's turn the page around and forget everything
Sorry can i talk to you it's good to see you again
They call me noizy and I wanna know you
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A te kujtohet

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