Lola Flores - Te lo juro yo (English translation)

English translation

I swear it

I didn't realize that I had you
until the very day I lost you,
and I saw clearly how much I loved you
when there was no cure for me.
Take me by the streets of bile and bitterness,
put me ties and even spit at me.
Pour in my eyes a handful of sand,
kill me of sorrow... but love me.
Look that I carry you in my heart
for the health of my mother, I swear it.
Look that there's no other man but you in the world
and may my eyes become lightless if I say lies.
For you I'd count the sand of the sea,
for you I'd be able to kill.
And if I lie to you, let God punish me,
with my hand on the bible, I swear it.
You were a stone whistling in my forehead,
you were a torrent that woke me up.
A black horse with the mane exposed,
that wiped my gardens and tore them apart.
Take me before the court,
long memorials of punishment.
Even if they ask the death penalty,
I have to love you, without appeals.
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Te lo juro yo

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