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Te puedo escuchar (English translation)

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I can hear you

You went away without warning
I searched for you and you were not here anymore
Destiny wanted it that way but your soul won't leave
You were my partner in crime in dreams
We knew that one day, united we would fly
I know that your wings will stay with me
That even from heaven, your embrace will be my shelter
Divine angel, you protect me from all that is bad
I know that I walk in your company
That with your voice my days lighten up
Even though your door is now far beyond (my reach)
I can hear you
I can hear you
I still keep the air of you laugh, it gives happiness to me
I remember you, really close to me
Sharing your peace with me
Seeing you caused me so much joy
I don't forget loving you
Even today my tears still fall
In each book your name is written
In each verse I feel you, singing
Your hand leads me straight into your shadow
I know that one night I will find you
I can hear you
I can hear you
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Te puedo escuchar

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