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Reflections of a Lunatic lyrics

  • Artist: TehGM (Skye, Ben T.)
  • Album: TehGM Scores

Reflections of a Lunatic

A serenade for the soul
Unwinds a tale untold
Both of us are confined
Into a single mind
Spearing the hearts of those I admire
What water does best is put out a fire
So I can't stop, there is no end
All I do is harm old friends…
And I dream of a fateful night
When I was lost and faded
Still I carry on and push through
My mind invaded
End my nightmare, end my nightmare
End my nightmare, end my nightmare
You don’t get it
It’s worse than the pain that you know
When all you want to do is stop
But the Gods above say “go”
Descent into madness
The lunatic has been unmoored
So say goodbye to a fair fight
And say goodbye to your world
And I dream of who I am
And what I’ve done it’s shameful
Still I carry on and search for days
I am unable
End my nightmare (you can’t run)
End my nightmare (you can’t hide)
End my nightmare (because I’m)
End my nightmare (already inside)
Submitted by Joe Vladimirovich KurosawaJoe Vladimirovich Kurosawa on 2022-09-24


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