Jüri Pootsmann - Teisel pool (English translation)

English translation

On the Other Side

It is cold in this room
Your hands are no longer around me
Someone said
Time flies like a bird...1
We'll see...
It is cold in this room
although summer is still young
Will our wish be fulfilled
or into our hearts
will the veil of the gray sky fall?
On the other side of the phone line
I'm only waiting for your voice
In the light of dusk
the wind embraces me.
Do you believe me
that I like to talk walks
across the moon
because the moon is faithful to me and
in the mirror image
the picture is big?
Or are you still/also thinking
that I'm a bit soft in the head
that heart in the chest has been broken
and love is
gray and pale?
On the other side of the phone line
I'm waiting for your voice
In the light of dusk
the wind embraces me.
  • 1. it's weird here because it actually says "time passes on bird-wings"
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Teisel pool

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