Lucio Dalla - Telefonami tra vent'anni (English translation)

English translation

Phone me in twenty years

Phone me in twenty years
Now I don't know what to tell you
My love I don't know how to answer you
And I don't want to understand you.
Instead think of me in twenty years think of me
Me, with a whiter beard
And a bag in my hand
By road racer
And the sunglasses
Staying still in any place in the world
Who knows where
Among billions and billions people
Slack-Jawed with no words
seing a hot air balloon
going up slowly
And deletes from memories
All the past
The lines on the hand
Meanwhile from upper side a sound
like a prolonged sound
The just born thought
Comes closer and comes down
Ah, I'd be an asshole,
That one who watches too much TV!
Well, sometimes I've been so
The important is having the control of the situation
Don't worry
We have enough time to change
So, think again about me in twenty years, think again about me
Dressed like a matador
With a cake in my hand
My ear pointed at the sky
Towards that distant sound
But, here it comes closer
By jumping we reached the year 2K
At the door of the universe
The main thing is not to reach it in line
But everyone in a different way
Each one by his own means
Perhaps getting there into pieces
By an old road racer
With sunglasses
And the heart in the bag.
Learn by heart the number
Then write it on your skin
If you're calling in twenty years
Throw the numbers to the stars
At the door of the universe
A phone rings every evening
Under a sky made of all the stars
Of a scary spring.
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Telefonami tra vent'anni

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