Michel Teló - Telefone Mudo/Boate Azul (English translation)

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silent telephone/blue nightclub

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i want you to scratch my name from your notebook
forget my telephone, don't call me anymore.
because i'm tired of being the remedy
of healing her boredom
when her lovers don't satisfy her.
tired of being her clown
doing what she always wants
tired of curing her sink
when she doesn't feel happy
so i decided
to cut my telephone
you will call me many times
with the telephone in silence you can't call me.
sick of love, i searched the remedy in the night life
like the night flower
in a nightclub here in the south zone
a love pain is cured with another love
come to cure my pain of this bad love
in the blue nightclub
and when the night is dying in the glare of dawn
the people from the nightlife are going to sleep
and the night lady
who was with me
also went away
closing the doors
alone again
i had to go out.
exit that way
without being a rumor where i'm going
i barely remember that i am in a nightclub here in the south zone.
i drank too much
and i don't even remember the name of that woman, the night flower of the blue nightclub.
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Telefone Mudo/Boate Azul

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