Теорема Шара (Teorema shara) (English translation)

  • Artist: Akvarium (Аквариум)
  • Song: Теорема Шара (Teorema shara)
English translationEnglish

Shara's Theorem

It is hot in Baghdad today,
And today I’d like to prove Shara's Theorem. 1
However, nowadays, the world is turned brazen.
It was stung in the heart by stupidity
It forgot its mother,
It forgot its father.
He wants to get off of
The Chelyabinsk fairway. 2
While he lives in a transformer box,
And from his head, forget-me-nots grew. 3
It is trying to take out the sting
While grey hair comes in before falling out. 4
How do we last until spring,
When all around us hurl axes at us? 5
I no longer can tell
the alphabet's letters
I'm ill like Confucius
Dancing a ridiculous Siritaki 6
So he shouted
Something like “SOS”.
At the same time, firefighters
Started turning on pumps.
You can no longer hear
Even a single word.
From now on I’ll walk like a cow
In pointed shoes, up to my neck in snow.
On a Scottish highland meadow
There are no more words for all of these sounds.
May the Lord have mercy on all our minds,
Playing a tarabuka! 7
  • 1. According to Black Sun, Shara (Shar), Шара/Шар was a percussionist with Akvarium
  • 2. Chelyabinsk is a city in Russia.
  • 3. Myosotis, Scorpion Grass, pretty blue flowers.
  • 4. Could be balding?
  • 5. Sounds more "poetic" saying "hurl axes", making it seem like there is an issue
  • 6. A fairly recent Greek folk/cultural dance.
  • 7. "Goblet Drum", shaped like a fancy goblet. Originates in Egypt but has cultural ties to Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
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Теорема Шара (Teorema shara)

St. SolSt. Sol    Thu, 13/06/2019 - 14:59

Vlad, "Шар" is a nickname of the former Aquarium percussionist (Оле́г Ива́нович Шавкуно́в), and the song is dedicated to him.
Regards, St.

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