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Tequila Sunrise (English translation)

  • Artist: 88rising Featuring artist: AUGUST 08, Higher Brothers, Jackson Wang, Goldlink
  • Song: Tequila Sunrise Album: Head In The Clouds II
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Tequila Sunrise

I don’t feel like arguing tonight with you, with you
Just wanna be the best that I can be for you
Drinking tequila sunrise, while the sunrise (yeah)
[Jackson Wang]
I know what you like
I could probably give it to you all on site
Take your time, we could do this all night
Fendi jacket on you looking so right
Up late, I’ve been sippin on tron
Got me thinking bout you every single time I’m alone
This should put me in a zone, you can hear it in my tone
You could tell me what you want, but I already know (I know)
One shot, and you got me loose
Two shots, imma tell the truth
Truth is, I’m in love with you
Woke up to you by my side
Pour up baby, one more time
Let’s do it again, tonight
[Jackson Wang & AUGUST 08]:
I don’t feel like arguing tonight with you, with you
Just wanna be the best that I can be, for you
Drinking tequila sunrise, while the sun is rising (x2)
Yeah, uh come on sit at the bar with me
We don’t need to go anywhere tonight let’s just sit at the bar
I accept your challenge, I’m playing my cards bravely
Turn off your phone, you don’t need to wait for him
Let’s review, recite lines from my favorite movie
Talking for a bit, let’s share our plans for the future again
I like your look, but I like what you have on the inside more
We don’t need to be lonely tonight, no need to fight In the arena
We just met, but we’re not strangers at all
Looking at you blink makes me feel electrified
What we’re gonna do in a bit is already flashing before my eyes
Tonight’s not your birthday, but you can still make a wish
one shot, 2 shot, baby don’t stop
Whenever I’m tipsy, I speak the truth
Drinking until last call, but I still won’t pass out
Tomorrow when I wake up I’m gonna take you back to my home town
Let me take your hardships and make them simple all right, all right
I’m the brightest star in the sky and I’m gonna stay with you all night, all night
It’s my show time
Please don’t leave
I’m gonna fix you a glass of tequila sunrise
You make you feel better
Take off my belt oh oh oh
Oh a, oh a I feel in love
Oh oh
Baby oh a oh a Living my life (x2)
I don’t feel like arguing tonight with you with you
Just wanna be the best that I can be for you
Drinking tequila sunrise, while the sunrise (yeah) (x2)
This is as good as god, and god is too good at this
Ridin’ in Northern Cali, we bumping no Ludacris
Lovin’ this Cali weather, I want it to last forever
I know forever don’t ever last, I ain’t new to this
Taking the 105, thinking about you and I
Hold this up by myself, there ain’t no you and I
I get it I get it I,
Admit I am in a grind
Lost it when you had cried, this is how doves cry
Anyway about your business, life is so cinematic and optimistic
Less aggressive with pursuit of Women and I go the distance but I know my limit
I love the idea of a marriage, but I’m too specific
And I’m too suspicious
I like ghetto women with opinions
Then I like a proper Women with her daddy pension
And her mother features, so my children get it
I’m in it just to win it, so I guess I want exquisite (heh)
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I took this right from 88rising's youtube channel.

Tequila Sunrise

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