terra incognita

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Idiomatic translations of "terra incognita"

терра инкогнита
терра інкогніта

Meanings of "terra incognita"


- land that has never been explored or mapped; uncharted territory;
- unexplored country or field of knowledge;
- by extension, ideas or concepts that have not yet been tried or explored.

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Explained by Ivan LudenIvan Luden

"terra incognita" in lyrics

Zucchero - Terra Incognita

Sto aspettando che neve
Copra le brutte cose, ora
Terra incognita e mia
Vita incognita sia, ancora

The Road to El Dorado (OST) - Tiellä uuden maan [The Trail We Blaze]

Tie uuden maan, se kauas johtaa
Tuo terra incognita, paikka kultainen
Ei saa matkamiehen mieltä pelko raastaa

Jukka Poika - Potential

The long field strip [of your mind]
Try to visit the jungle occasionally
And if it is terra incognita for you
I do not wonder why

Novembre - Australis

Monsoons, Terra Incognita
Trade winds, Terra Incognita
Clouds are all left behind

Lacroix Despheres - 古の刻より舞い降りし者たち


Terra incognita. Locus Desperatus.

Lacroix Despheres - 古の刻より舞い降りし者たち

Kono yo no nageki ni ima koso mezameta

Terra incognita. Locus Desperatus.
Koko ni tsudoishi genei tachi yo

Dima Kolyadenko - Terra Incognita

You are Terra incognita...

Terra incognita...

Dima Kolyadenko - Терра инкогнита (Terra incognita)

Ждешь меня, улыбкою дразня.

Ты - [idiom name="terra incognita"]Терра инкогнита[/idiom], яркая как мечта.
Глаз колдовских туман сводит меня с ума,