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Tes lacets sont des fées (English translation)

  • Artist: Dionysos
  • Song: Tes lacets sont des fées
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Spanish
English translationEnglish

Your shoelaces are fairies

Versions: #1#2
Your shoelaces are fairies*, you walk on them
You drag them along, you walk on them
My shoelaces are fairies, I walk on them
I drag them along, I walk on them
It's a pity to squash such pretty fairies
I never get to catch them
Before falling
Before falling
Before falling you
Falling me
Oh yes, oh yes, skip it !
Your shoelaces are fairies, I kiss you upon**
You are really stubborn, I kiss you upon
Look at what you're doing, you're licking my shoelaces
It's because you are such a pretty fairy
Too good kissing, oh yes !
I felt like dying of a joyous heart the last time
I saw you flying next to me
But what last time ? I do not remember
We were kissing in mid air, above the sky
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I do not remember !
You do not remember ?
I took of my shadow to embrace you better
You took off your shadow to embrace me better
Just a litte bit closer and you disappear
Oh yes, oh yes {x6}
Oh yes,
And you disappear
Oh yes,
And you disappear
Oh yes, oh you disappear (Oh yes) {x3}
When you disappear, I do disappear
When you disappear, I do disappear
Your shoelaces are fairies, you walk on them.
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Submitted by purplelunacypurplelunacy on Fri, 23/07/2010 - 12:17
Added in reply to request by VavooVavoo
Author's comments:

*Tes lacets sont des fées = your shoelaces are faires
but sounds a lot like "tes lacets sont défaits", meaning your shoelaces are undone

**Sorry for the poor grammar, but even in French it's not correct


Tes lacets sont des fées

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