TeSTaMeNTR - An Adventure of 7 Children of TeSTaMeNT

  • Artist: TeSTaMeNTR ( Deniz Gök Selçuk, Antalya, A Collection of Doom, Deppresive and Suicidal and Communal Fascist Poetry of Mine)
  • Album: Schizophrenia
  • Translations: German

An Adventure of 7 Children of TeSTaMeNT

Prepare my tea
Prepare my children
We are conquering the heart of mine
To make me happy
I'm afraid, said Testament
Do not be you silly, said Bodom
Easy to say, said Testament
We will kill your heart in order to
Make you happy, fellow, said Bodom
And it is your foe, said Bodom
I should have known that, said Testament
Anew adventure had begun
Testament was swallowing his fellows
His fellows reached the heart, testament saw that
Cause a new heartache has begun
What a heart, pierced and scorched, said Bodom
Ah, smells like crap and shit, said Reni
You have to smoke here bastard?, said Kleines Madchen
Yea, I do have to, said Bodom
Are you guys good there, asked Testament
To be honest, no, it smelles like crap, said Reni
Hahah, you know what have they done to my heart Reni
You guys can you please shut up?, said Bodom
Bodom started to destroying the heart
Reni was piercing
And Kleines madchen was pouring blood and wine on it
The heart was dissappearing,
It's unseen now
What now?, said Reni
We must reach out the daylight, said Bodom
Hey, sugar Testament can you please cough?
Ohm, ohm, ohm, ohmmmm
And all of them escaped the heart
Bloody seven hells, I'm done!, said Bodom
Testament laughed
And an adventure ended
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