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Billy Black lyrics

  • Artist: Tex & the Horseheads Featuring artist: Texacala Jones
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Billy Black

He dealed them up and he dealed them his own way
He beat anyone, anyone who had the guts to play
Some thought he was cheatin' but he didn't have much to say
And to them it all seemed like Billy Black was there to stay
And then one day came a stranger made the tables turn
He worked every hand 'til his brain was beginning to burn
In his aged eyes he saw the demons so stark and so stern
He's aching, he's lacking, he's got a lot to learn
We know that's gonna go right through my ears
And nothing he could ever say will make me have fears
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
Well beaten now Billy Black was bitter mad
He's all torn down seeing who the hell was really bad
The stranger felt unfree but he knows and so is strangely glad
He said I'm fine, just say goodbye to your dad
The stranger laughed as cheers rose in the air
Billy Black was sacked back but his daddy doesn't really care
He made him get away and travel to another land
To write some fables and have the devil at his hand
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
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