Tha Perasei (Θα Περάσει) (English translation)

English translation

It will pass

Oh, I would love you to be
a blank piece of paper
in order to write our love
again from scratch.
Throw away whatever has been done
wrong or right
and with whatever holds me back
to say : I'm done
Unfortunately I remember everything
every single hour, every single minute
I won't turn to the opposite lane
However much you hurt me.
You broke my life
I still think you're my God
My heart is going to crack
It can't be a day like this
It will pass...
It will pass...
I would love you to be a
red cloth
To see you and fall
on it like Ι'm insane.
To not know your name
or the way you kiss
I wish your coming would be
a night's come-by.
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Tha Perasei (Θα Περάσει)

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