As thick as thieves.

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Idiomatic translations of "As thick as thieves."

pot og pande
nagu sukk ja saabas
nagu särk ja perse
Ils sont (comme) les deux doigts de la main.
Pech und Schwefel
Sie hängen wie Kletten aneinander.
να είναι ένα καρφί και ένα κρέας
Essere pappa e ciccia
Essere culo e camicia
водой не разольешь
Essi ànima e coru
Ser uña y carne.
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Meanings of "As thick as thieves."


закадычные друзья

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Explained by Hades21Hades21

To be very close friends and share secrets with one another.

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"As thick as thieves." in lyrics

Frozen (OST) - Do you wanna build a snowman [German]

I haven't seen you in such a long time, I miss you so.
Just what's going on with you?
We were as thick as thieves.
But not anymore.

Russian Children Songs - A true friend

We fight and make up
People are joking, "They are as thick as thieves"
My friend can help me at midday or at midnight

Letzte Instanz - We are one

Because we're united
Never alone again for a lifetime
We should be as thick as thieves
Because you pour life into me

The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel

Silver and gold and it's growing cold
Autumn leaves lay as thick as thieves
Shivers down your spine chill you to the bone

Aladdin (Musical) - Arabian Nights (Broadway)

[GENIE] (spoken):
Salām, and good evening to you worthy friends. Welcome to the fabled city of Agrabah. City of flying carpets, soaring heroes, famous love ballads and more glitz and glamour then any other fictional city in the world


Unheilig - Dance With the Fire

The fire burns, my life burns
I want more from this power
Let us be as thick as thieves
Almost a couple but only by night

Auletta - An angel no king

because king steals and calls it victory
jahaa since 1000 years
together we see as thick as thieves
we do not care what also may come

Sade (UK) - Maureen

And I miss you, Maureen

We're as thick as thieves

Kaija Koo - Inseparable

They are as thick as thieves
They are like a backpack and a traveller1
They are a bum and a bum-ess2
Like a rock in your patent leather shoe, perhaps

  • 1. Reppu ja reissumies is also the name of a famous song .
  • 2. Pummitar contains the suffix -tar which is a feminine suffix and can be added to different words, but it isn't used that commonly anymore. I'm not sure does -ess work so well in English...

Rachel Potter - Jesus and Jezebel

So let me let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Yeah, me and Jesus we're as thick as thieves
If you don't believe us maybe you just don't believe

Deborah Holland - Bad Case of Sad

Though that's no guarantee

The weather and my mood have been as thick as thieves
I need every bare branch to be covered in leaves

Rush - Force Ten

An air of joie de vivre
Too tender hearts upon our sleeves
Or skin as thick as thieves', thick as thieves'

Mono Inc. - So Long, Farewell

on every road and every bend.
I won't forget you.
We were as thick as thieves,
like moon and shine,

Faith Hill - Paris

Aristocrats are everywhere
And the air's as thick as thieves
She'd like nothing better than to steal the breathe from me

Thomas Godoj - Addicted to pain

Oh don't ever stop

We were as thick as thieves
We couldn't get apart

Zazie - Oil and man

A hopeless, vile world

As thick as thieves, oil and man
Sell off my gold bars, I'll snigger

BB Brunes - Thick as thieves

I would like so much
hear you say
that they don't quite1
measure up to me,

  • 1. the usual expression is "ne pas arriver à la cheville" (being shorter than an ankle's height), but here he says "as tall as my shirt's height": he would be content to win over the other guys just by a short length

Fedez - I Rule

I shout «All cops are bastards!», though in an unsteady voice,
then my father hears me while he’s taking off his uniform.
Crime and me are as thick as thieves, and I sniff gunpowder,1

  • 1. mangiare pane e X {to eat bread and X} = be extremely accustomed to X, be used to X.
    malavita {bad life} = crime, criminal life.