Mikis Theodorakis - An thimitheis t' oneiro mou (Αν θυμηθείς τ' όνειρό μου) (English translation)


An thimitheis t' oneiro mou (Αν θυμηθείς τ' όνειρό μου)

Στην αγκαλιά μου κι απόψε σαν άστρο κοιμήσου
δεν απομένει στον κόσμο ελπίδα καμιά
τώρα που η νύχτα κεντά με φιλιά το κορμί σου
μέτρα τον πόνο κι άσε με μόνο στην ερημιά
Αν θυμηθείς τ' όνειρό μου
σε περιμένω να 'ρθεις
μ' ένα τραγούδι του δρόμου να ρθεις όνειρό μου
το καλοκαίρι που λάμπει τ' αστέρι με φως να ντυθείς
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lyrics: Nikos Gatsos
music: Mikis Theodorakis


Main Video:

Part 1: First recording at vinyl in Greece with Jovanna (1960),
Part 2: Instrumental version (02:30)
played by "Μanuel and the Music of the Mountains" (Geoff Love),
It's the 1st of his 3 recordings.
Additional Videos:
1. Latin version, used by Che Guevara's and Castro's revelution
2. English version played by The Beatles
3. Modern version by Vassilis Lekkas

Additional Videos:
1.This version with Gloria Lasso was used for a long time
as prelude before the proclamations
at Cuba's revolution radio "Havana Libre" in the 60's.
This song became the reason, that Mikis stood one week
with Che Guevara in the mountains as his guest...

2.Even the Beatles played and recorded this song (with other lyrics)

3.and last but not least join a modern version with Vassilis Lekkas,
covered by the ex-drummer of "Socrates" Giorgos Trantalidis

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English translation

If you remember my dream

Versions: #1#2#3
Sleep in my arms like a star tonight also
there is no hope left to the world
now that the night embroiders with kisses your body
count the pain and let me alone in the wilderness
If you remember my dream
I'm waiting for you to come
with a street song to come my dream
the summer that shines, to be dressed with the light of a star
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