Through hell and back

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Through hell and back (English) — Endure an extremely unpleasant or difficult experience. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Translations of "Through hell and back"

Englishgo through hell (and high water)
Englishgo through fire and water
Englishgo/jump through (the) hoops (and loops)
Englishgo to hell and back
Englishgo through the mill
Englishthrough many vicissitudes
EnglishChewed up and spat out
EnglishTo hell and back
Germanallerhand durchmachen
Greekπερνώ από σαράντα κύματα
ItalianPassarne di tutti i colori
ItalianDi cotte e di crude
RussianПройти огонь и воду
TurkishBata çıka

"Through hell and back" in lyrics

You're holding out hope
I'm seeing it too, I'm trying to follow

I've been through hell and back again
I've come to understand that when
You tell me that I can't pretend

The Chainsmokers - Let You Go

Now I don't give a fuck about chu
and if I ever did, vale verga my reaction
I went through hell and back with chu
separated from reality
but now I'm gone chinga tu madre guey no creo en ti

Ms Krazie - Chinga Tu Madre

I said I've been lying to you
And I've been lying to me too

My heart has been through hell and back
I've only dressed in pretty and black
Middle finger when it comes to love

Rita Ora - Been Lyin'

What the fuck you take me for?
All the sudden you hear what I've said a hundred ways before?
I been pushed, I been trapped
Drug myself through hell and back and
Fallen flat and had the balls to start it all again from scratch
How do you feel, how you doing, how'd the show go?

Mike Shinoda - Over Again

I'm there for you
And if the going gets rough,
I'll do everything I can, to the bitter end
Through hell and back, together to finish
Even if nobody helps us, don't give up
Brother, I'm there whenever you need me

Azad - I believe in you

I ain't wasting more time over you

But for heaven sakes
I done been through hell and back with you
No more second chance
There's only so more drama, boy I can't go through

Zara Larsson - It's a Wrap

While these fakes got rich
Now I can't stop speeding
Like my brakes ain't shit
For 6 months I went through hell and back
Right at the height of my success
all of a sudden doctors said I couldn't rap

Machine Gun Kelly - The Return

Checkin up your wish list, things that you wanna get
Make a nigga pay for it, they ain't gotta wait for it
They just wanna fly you out, maybe bring a friend for ‘em
I can tell you over that, been through hell and back
Fuckin’ with the wrong one, you ain’t try to double back
Time to find some love for that, lay up and cuddle that

Tyga - Hard For You

Break, break, break my mind!
Break it 'till the tale unwinds!
Force my thoughts through hell and back,
Or leave me alone tonight!

DAGames - Break my mind

You know it all too well
You and I we walked through hell
And back from the waves
Of the sea of pain
We danced in the pouring rain
But saner mornings found us aghast

Ákos - Take It Or Leave It

I know what you are talking about
I am right there where you are
I kissed the dust for you
I went through hell and back

Samuel Harfst - Different from What You Think I'm Like

Ι'm done reliving my bad decisiοns
Ι see now maybe there's a reasοn
Why, Ι, I, I, I, Ι, I been through hell and back
Υeah, honestly, it's what made me who Ι am
Holding οn to wasted time

Ke$ha - Learn To Let Go