Hakan Adanur - Tilki Misali (English translation)


Tilki Misali

Zordur şu hayatta güzel olan herşey
Zoru severim ben,bu önemli birşey
Aşk bazı yalan,bazı gerçek
Eninde sonunda bana dönecek
Ama ama ama ama
Birşey varki bilinmeli her daim
Ama ama ama
Fena seviyorum ben seni zalim /
Çok seviyorum ben seni zalim...
Dönüpte dolaşacağın yer belli tilki misali
Yormamki kafamı öyle eserim eseceğimi
Gözüm kara,zerre kadar olmazki bende tasa
Dönsen ne âlâ,dönmesende takmam bir dakika /
Dönsen ne âlâ dönmesende,bakarım icabına..
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English translation

Like the fox did

What's beautiful in life is also hard
I like the difficulty, it's a big deal
Love, is made of some lies, some real things
Sooner or later you will come back to me
One thing must be known for good
I love you badly, you, the cruel
I love you so much, you, the brutal ...
Like the fox did*, it's obvious whom you will come back to
No need to tire my head
It's none of my concern
How nice if you come back, if you don't, not for a moment do I care,
How magnificient if you come back, and if not, I'll take care ...
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Author's comments:

* I guess it's a turkish saying.

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