Time is money

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Idiomatic translations of "Time is money"

الوقت من ذهب
времето е пари
Vrijeme je novac
Čas jsou peníze
Tijd is geld.
Time is gold
Aika on rahaa
Le temps c'est de l'argent
Zeit ist Geld
Ο χρόνος είναι χρήμα
זמן הוא כסף
Az idő pénz
Waktu adalah uang.
Il tempo è denaro
كات زێڕە
وقت طلاستت!!!
czas to pieniądz
Tempo é dinheiro.
Время - деньги
Vreme je novac
Serbian #1, #2
Čas sú peniaze
Čas je denar
El tiempo es oro
tid är pengar
vakit nakittir

Meanings of "Time is money"


time is valuable and should not be wasted.

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mahalaga ang oras at hindi dapat aksayahin

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Explained by hariboneagle927

Ο χρόνος είναι χρήμα, δεν πρέπει να το σπαταλάμε

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"Time is money" in lyrics

Pitbull - Feel This Moment

Baby we can travel the world
And not given view, and all you can see
Time is money
Only difference is I own it, like a stop watch, let's stop time and enjoy this moment

G-Eazy - Me, Myself & I

Cause this hunger is driving me, yeah
I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home
Understand what I'm speaking on if time is money I need a loan
But regardless I'll always keep keepin' on

Calle 13 - Breakfast Kiss

if I insert my thumb in my mouth and I blow myself up like a balloon
We park ourselves in a carob tree
Lets go because cause time is money
The night has stretched out

Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me

[Verse 1]
Oh yeah, time is money so don't fuck with mine
See I'm out with my girls, I'ma have a good time

Utada Hikaru - Keep tryin'

Take a break

"Time is money"
Don't say you'll be a government official in the future

Chris Brown - Fine China

Baby, does he do it for you
When he's finished, does he step back, and adore you
I just gotta know, cause your time is money
And I won't let him waste it, oh no, no

Nana (rapper) - Remember the Time

brainstorm' I bring the vibes shut your mouth better listen
fighting everyday still don't know the definition
time is money and time will tell
sunshine in heaven or grill in hell

Yannick Noah - we run

we lie,
we love and then we run.
Time is money, It is lacking,
we are on course

G-Dragon - Coup D'Etat

The song starts I’m the tagger

If time is money I’m so poor
1 year, 365 days, Hong Kildong, god’s

Guess Who - Manifesto

Like all is your creation, like we don't know you're tring to fool us.
You know, you're talking too much. You're just losing time,
Time is money, so at least make it simple
Because we don't care no more, you already stole everything from us.

Gorod 312 - Turn round

You won't hear any cry for help -
Time is money.
The walls of lights will squeeze the temples even stronger.

PNL - I am QLF

Tonight the moon is red
I light me up a blunt near Itachi
Time is money
I don’t have any watch, I’ve got bucks

MC Solaar - He who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind

The music is good
I often take the time to go before
I don't waste a second, because time is money
Money doesn't bring happiness, does it bring unhappiness?

Jennifer Rostock - Head or tail

Attention, attention
Dance through the world with bare feet
Because time is money, everything else doesn't matter
Every moment means profit and you have the choice

Drake - Fancy

Better late than never, but never late is better
They tell me time is money, well, we'll spend it together
I'm down for whatever, you just lead the way

Belinda - Selfish

like my grandma said.
There's no time,
time is money.
Even God wouldn't recognize you

Põhja-Tallinn - We still have time

I'm go do something in my life, I have still time,
I think before I do, but then I hesitate, let's think about it
and I don't throw time away, because I know, that time is money
that for everything there is time just as much as I want to,

Saltatio Mortis - Where are the clowns

Friendship is virtual today
No time for silly games,
Because fun needs time and time is money
We are ran over by progress

The Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop

See it's a fact a bottle of pop
if you shake it, then drop it like it's hot
Time is money and money is time
and if you with me all your money is mine

GG Caravan - It's great indeed

Here is the performance lifestyle, a conservative rut and comic Zeitgeist.
The spirit of time is a ticking bomb. Swiftly to work, your mike is on, Tommy.
I'm acting my role quickly, time is money. Pfft, my time is play-dough.
I collect together my coins and couple lines, I'm not ashamed of solidarity.

Keny Arkana - Between the Lines: Nailed to the Ground


Die Prinzen - Blaues Blut

she gets up with vigour & fires anyone who isn't hardworking
she gets everything she wants
she never has time, because time is money

Casper - Heart

Thanks, World, for showing me how little I'm worth
Time is money, and it's really quite tiring odd, the shit that can happen

Kent - The other side

And I know that we'll meet on the other side

But time is money, I swear
Where did all the time go

Dubioza Kolektiv - Making Money

until we get it all!

this time is money
and we're playing the game

Pitbull - My Life

My heart is so cold to the point that my blood it froze
I might wear diamonds if they really could freeze time
But then again time is money and I needs mine
There I go again being selfish

Lakis Halkias - The factory (Fabrica)

"Listen immigrant, my friend
time is money
don't talk with the workers

Raymond Devos - Where are they running ?

He told me : - " Everything ! Everything ! Some are running to the pressing issues. This one runs for glory... That one runs to his doom !"
I told him : - "But why are they running so fast ?"
He told me : - " To save time ! Since time is money, the faster they run, the more they earn !"
I told him : - "But where are they running ?"

PehmoA - Multa Sulle

ei eurot loista silmis
aika on rahaa
time is money

Kent - Tick Tock

Give a salute for the idiots'
clouds of cash in free fall
time is money
(I lose, lose time, lose time)

The Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going


You say that time is money and money is time
So you got mind in your money and your money on your mind

Kent - The Other Side

And I know that I'll see you on the other side

But time is money I swear
Where does all the time go

T. Mills - Your Favorite

Or a minute man,
Fruit like minute maid
Time is money so you know I get minute paid.

Elastinen - Secret

Grass is always greener on that other side
And one hundred euro bills too, but you won't get happiness with those
Time is money, but with money you can't get more hours
And there aren't savings accounts for time, it's here and now

Herbert Grönemeyer - Hard cash

Capital in full speed

Time is money, the goal has been passed
No morals now

Jennifer Rostock - Heads or Tails

Attention, Attention
Dance barefoot around the wor-r-r-r-ld
Cause' time is money, nothing else matters
Every moment is worth hard cash, and the choice is yours:

Jojo - My Time Is Money

Tell me whatcha gon' do if it runs out
I'm a busy girl, in the busy world
Hey, my time is money

Iggy Azalea - Rolex

Rolex's don't tick-tock
But damn it baby, my time costs
And damn it baby, my time is money
So I need payback for all the time lost

Helloween - No Eternity

No time for love ain‘t no time for crying
No time to waste not a minute to wait
No time to care because time is money
Time‘s so expensive we can not afford

Drake - 5AM in Toronto

I got a gold trophy from the committee for validation
Bad press during the summer over allegations
I ain’t lyin’, my nigga, my time is money
That’s why I ain’t got time for a nigga who’s time is comin’

Tinie Tempah - 100K

Want a 100k and a big new crib
With 100 bags soon lose a suitcase
Time is money and you neeks are too late
Married to the money all I needs a bouquet

Fler - Biggest Boss

Specky Four-Eyes - look at you, you damn Harry Potter!
I take your bitch to my hotel
Half an hour, one hundred euro - time is money!
They're observing - by satellite

Antti Tuisku - Party (papiidipaadi)

I tag Antti Tuisku with me
Who are these, of course you know
time is money, I need a loan
had to be there at half, it's quarter to

Rick Ross - Lay Back

[Rick Ross]
Time is money (mula) Mind is funny (yes)
Trust me she lying if she denying she love me

Marchelo - Lie

And she was with many of them for the chance to work on the clinic.
Just,she was only with chosen ones because she is about the higher purpose.
The time is money. She doesn't want to lose it
Because she has a great average grade and she completed studies timely.

Yannick Noah - We run

we run, we lie,
we love ourselves and then we run.
Time is money,
It is lacking, we have no time

Baby K - Money

My alarm in the morning rings loud, it rings money
All work and no play makes me a dull girl, morning tastes money
Time is money, it's time to make money
So, Money God

2Pac - Built For This

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Sort of like Malcolm at the Audubon
They coming for me, time is money no Audemar
See bar-for-bar, I keep it pushing no R&R

Lil Wayne - Blunt Blowin

[Verse 1]
I live it up like these are my last days
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid
Ugh, gunpowder in my hourglass

G-Eazy - me , myselg

Cause this hunger is driving me, yeah
I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home
Understand what I'm speaking on if time is money I need a loan
But regardless I'll always keep keepin' on

Black M - Settling of accounts

Luckily for me this fucking wheel turns
Unfortunately for you it might very wrong turn
Since the time, don't you know that time is money?
You made me lost the both, you made me crazy

Isleym - Go

They ruin their lives and some forget about their families
Always tired and listen to same slogan:
Time is money so look well at your watch
Too naive, you think they are honest and then

Krystallia - Closer

So, come closer and dance with me
Listen to my music playing loudly
I've told you before, time is money
Live your every step before it's too late

Ideaali & Jay Who? - Hello

And that's why I'm calling back today, it's been a while from when we last saw each other
Playing classics loudly, today rise the volume
When I heard that time is money - that's why, when we can still see each other, shouldn't we spend some of it together?
And that's why I'm thinking today...

Kontra K - Rats

A pure soul, white skin
But the dust from the street colors everything grey
His plans were never “time is money
Surrounded by demons and they suck him dry

Ruhrchor der MLPD - Federal Hymn

"Pray and work!" exclaims the world.
Keep your prayers short, for time is money!
The hardship beats at the door.

Supercombo - The Calculative

And I really know how much it is worth

If time is money, then
I am a nonsense millionaire

Chinza dopeness - T.U.B.E.

立込んでる Time is money

Kraftwerk - Computer World

Computer world
Computer world
Because time is money

LeToya Luckett - Swagger

Had to shake a couple of haters
Haters tought I was finished
They say time is money
So I'm stacking every minute

Dok2 - I'm 1LL

Clap clap clap Turn up (x8)

Time is money I got my rolex here
Think I just saw a polar bear

OK KID - Sleep

Fair trade, don't walk anymore
Close your eyes, look at her when she goes
Time is money, sleep elitist
Reached the optimum - I don't want to anymore

Columbine - Charles Viscount

GDP of Somaly, with my pocket money anyone lives
Bowlcut, I'm going to school in Lamborghini
I don't know what time it is, I have several watches and time is money
I don"t save anymore since I had a Rolex for my fourth birthday

Mmz - My Bubble

Don't make a fuss, don't talk excitedly, nah!
It's the time of an instant,
Time is money,
I don't have any spare time, after all,

Dok2 - Hell Yeah

잘 되는 놈 비난, 늘 한탄하는 신세
Boy, I'm so Illionaire. 크게 한 탕 하는 실세
늘 쉴새 없이 일해 시간을 벌어. They say time is money
잡생각들은 다 버려. Clocks tickin', time is runnin'

Ailyn - I Don't Have Time

Your hands and my skin
But your mind is not here
Time is money, tell us some refrain
If the TV tells us, it will be true

PrettyMuch - 10.000 hours

[Verse 1]
They say (what?), time is money (okay)
You know I'm still young (yeah), gonna spend all mine on you

Mick est tout seul - The key to the songs

And yet, nothing is more important.
Often, time is money
that death takes back from us.

Asking Alexandria - Empire

Take pride in your every action
Everyday of my life is work
And they tell me that time is money
But only I know what that time is worth

Kesi - Su Casa

There's a drink at the bar I should by for you
You know I always do what I feel like doing
My time is money, so I hurry up

From Ashes to New - From Ashes to New - My Name

People stepping over people, people preying on the weak
'Cause it's business and we're feeding the machine
Time is money, money's living, so we live with the disease
What happened to the magic? What happened to the thrill?

SHINee - Get The Treasure

There is no time to hesitate, no no
In the blink of an eye, it’s over
Time is money
Life is just a mirage

Pier Cortese - I have no time

Let's meet, stay together

That time is money
And money is our time

Agir - Time Is Money

I don't want to disappoint!

If time is money, I will spend it with you
Especially because time is all I have to offer

Nekfeu - Mr. Sandman

She licks the horn, fucks the competition
It's Nek and Alphonse, smoke zeb the skunk
Time is money so I wrap my watch
She's struggling to count then let me pawn

Battulga - Time is gold

the explanation is that we will never be equal.
Time, time is gold, time is money
Time, time is gold, time is money

Rage of Bahamut (OST) - EXiSTENCE

time is money, but money won’t turn back the clock

Stract - Flowers (Remix)

[Bridge: Stract]
If time is money, then money must be the power
If money is time, I need months, weeks, and hours

Sfera Ebbasta - Uber

And another one who is coming over
And the phone rings just one time
Yeah, we're already ready, bro time is money
My time is precious, I'm not giving it to you

Frej Larsson - Livin La Vida Larsson

For me it feels obvious which images I convey
Remember on my first record I started a fight against the rich
Time is money, just check out my gold watch
Time to burn down my entire castle in the air, ha

The Maccabeats - despacito*

Otherwise how can you survive,
Start taking your life easy,
Time is money but with no happiness it has no meaning,
Stop and think before you will miss the train***, Kids are growing and only the souvenir stays,

JVG - Crown Ticks

I rock sweatpants with a golden watch

Every guy knows that time is money
I'm not there yet but I will be

Tus - Ap'to tilefono (Ta leme) | Απ'το Τηλέφωνο (Tα Λέμε)

Δεν είμαι ο ψυχολόγος σου ούτε ο πνευματικός σου
Συγκεντώσου, μην μου τρως τον χρόνο honey,
Μου τα' λεγε ο παππούς μου, "παιδί μου time is money"
Κι εσύ έχεις κάνει πλούσια όλη την cosmote

La Düsseldorf - Time

Time - time

Time is money - hard time
Without time - courteous time

Herman van Veen - Make way

Well now, farewell, see you soon
There's no sense in doing it now
We urgently have to go, for time is money

Moop Mama - Our Farthing

Welcome to Moneyland, where everything sparkles
Here are reigning Pound, Euro, Dollar, Yen
Time is money, so: yallah, yallah, run
Because every damn cent counts!

BrainStorm - Pilot Tim

Morning, folks, the skies are open
Your subservient Pilot Tim here speaking
Time is money, or maybe pleasure
Where shall we fly today, then?

NAV - Never Change

I’ve been going down the wrong path and I’m ignoring the signs (the signs)
I’m having trouble organizing the thoughts in my mind (mind)
Now time is money so you know I’m not wasting my time (time)
If they pull me over, I don’t know what they gon’ find

Pyhimys - I don't l****you

I am bitter about you being
You took time away from me, you pulled it past me
And time is money, I want that money back

Kollision - Who you know

Gettin' flow like this, havin' hoes like this, gettin' dough like this?
Bust down the frame, then copped me some chains, had to flood my wrist
Time is money, if it don't make money then it don't make sense
Thought it wouldn't change, remember them days I was broke, now I'm fixed

JVG - I'm gonna leave

Still alive and doing well, a little drunk
If not forward then where are we supposed to go
Time is money and now I'm leaving this place
You get what you deserve, no time to hesitate

2 Unlimited - Rougher Than The Average

Please, baby, you gotta let me go
Of course you wanna stay, ha, I know
But time is precious, time is money
I'm rougher than the average, remember that, honey

Monitto - Unresolved

Cause I already survived through all the pain
And they all talk money
And if time is money, we get 24 hours and youstill broke as fuck
For me that shit is funny

Teknik - Unresolved

Cause I already survived through all the pain
And they all talk money
And if time is money, we get 24 hours and youstill broke as fuck
For me that shit is funny