Time is money

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Idiomatic translations of "Time is money"

الوقت من ذهب
времето е пари
Vrijeme je novac
Čas jsou peníze
Tijd is geld.
Time is gold
Aika on rahaa
Le temps c'est de l'argent
Zeit ist Geld
Ο χρόνος είναι χρήμα
זמן הוא כסף
Az idő pénz
Waktu adalah uang.
Il tempo è denaro
Kurdish (Kurmanji)
كات زێڕە
وقت طلاستت!!!
czas to pieniądz
Tempo é dinheiro.
Время - деньги
Vreme je novac
Serbian #1, #2
Čas sú peniaze
Čas je denar
El tiempo es oro
tid är pengar
vakit nakittir

Meanings of "Time is money"


Vrijeme je novac. Vrijeme je dragocjeno i treba ga pametno iskoristiti, a ne tratiti na gluposti.

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time is valuable and should not be wasted.

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Explained by Persian_Glamberts

mahalaga ang oras at hindi dapat aksayahin

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Ο χρόνος είναι χρήμα, δεν πρέπει να το σπαταλάμε

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"Time is money" in lyrics

2Pac - Built For This

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Sort of like Malcolm at the Audubon
They coming for me, time is money no Audemar
See bar-for-bar, I keep it pushing no R&R

G-Eazy - Me, Myself & I

Cause this hunger is driving me, yeah
I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home
Understand what I'm speaking on if time is money I need a loan
But regardless I'll always keep keepin' on

Calle 13 - Breakfast Kiss

if I insert my thumb in my mouth and I blow myself up like a balloon
We park ourselves in a carob tree
Lets go because cause time is money
The night has stretched out

PNL - I am QLF

Tonight the moon is red
I light me up a blunt near Itachi
Time is money
I don’t have any watch, I’ve got bucks

Saltatio Mortis - Where are the clowns

Friendship is virtual today
No time for silly games,
Because fun needs time and time is money
We are ran over by progress

G-Dragon - Coup D'Etat

The song starts I’m the tagger

If time is money I’m so poor
1 year, 365 days, Hong Kildong, god’s

Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me

[Verse 1]
Oh yeah, time is money so don't fuck with mine
See I'm out with my girls, I'ma have a good time

Utada Hikaru - Keep tryin'

Take a break

"Time is money"
Don't say you'll be a government official in the future

Nana (rapper) - Remember the Time

brainstorm' I bring the vibes shut your mouth better listen
fighting everyday still don't know the definition
time is money and time will tell
sunshine in heaven or grill in hell

A Perfect Circle - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Marilyn Monroe in an afterwind

Time is money and money's time
We wasted every second dime

Kesi - Su Casa

There's a drink at the bar I should by for you
You know I always do what I feel like doing
My time is money, so I hurry up

Guess Who - Manifesto

Like all is your creation, like we don't know you're tring to fool us.
You know, you're talking too much. You're just losing time,
Time is money, so at least make it simple
Because we don't care no more, you already stole everything from us.

Sfera Ebbasta - Uber

And another one who is coming over
And the phone rings just one time
Yeah, we're already ready, bro time is money
My time is precious, I'm not giving it to you

From Ashes to New - From Ashes to New - My Name

People stepping over people, people preying on the weak
'Cause it's business and we're feeding the machine
Time is money, money's living, so we live with the disease
What happened to the magic? What happened to the thrill?

Lakis Halkias - The factory (Fabrica)

"Listen immigrant, my friend
time is money
don't talk with the workers

The Maccabeats - despacito*

Otherwise how can you survive,
Start taking your life easy,
Time is money but with no happiness it has no meaning,
Stop and think before you will miss the train***, Kids are growing and only the souvenir stays,

Mmz - My Bubble

Don't make a fuss, don't talk excitedly, nah!
It's the time of an instant,
Time is money,
I don't have any spare time, after all,

G-Eazy - me , myselg

Cause this hunger is driving me, yeah
I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home
Understand what I'm speaking on if time is money I need a loan
But regardless I'll always keep keepin' on

PrettyMuch - 10.000 hours

[Verse 1]
They say (what?), time is money (okay)
You know I'm still young (yeah), gonna spend all mine on you

Põhja-Tallinn - We still have time

I'm go do something in my life, I have still time,
I think before I do, but then I hesitate, let's think about it
and I don't throw time away, because I know, that time is money
that for everything there is time just as much as I want to,