Digimon (OST) - Together as one (English translation)


Together as one

あの頃よりずっと 伸びた背と裏腹に
少しも変わらない 温もりが蘇る
握りしめる手が 懐かしくて 愛おしくて
押し込めてた言葉 全て
ほら 溢れてきそうになる
らしくないと言わず 包み込むように
胸に深く刻んで 立ち上がるんだ
Together as one
流れ行く時間を 止める術も知らず
恐れず踏み出すんだ それまで今は もう少しだけ
始まりはいつだって 突然に訪れて
繋がった手と手を 解こうと試すけど
心配はいらない なにも怖くない
それでも前を向いて 立ち向かうんだ
Together as one
何が正しいとか 間違いなんて
信じたヒカリ目指し ただ進むだけ 未来(あした) のために
必ずある終り 新しい始まり
出来ることならずっと この温もりを感じていたい
守るべき仲間と 揺るぎない信頼
背中押すその時に 共に笑顔でいられるように
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English translation

Together as One

Aside from being taller than back then
You haven't changed at all your warmth has resurrected in me
I hold your hand tightly It's nostalgic, beloved...
All of the words I've held back
Seem to be spilling out of me
Don't tell me that's not like me, just hold me
In your arms as if wrapping around me
Carved deep inside our hearts we stand
Together as one
I don't know how to make the flow of time stop
But instead of standing still, paralyzed
We'll take a step forward without fear now until the end, even just a little
We always met abruptly in the beginning
And though I tried to undo our tightly held hands
Whenever your cheerful voice strokes the tips of my ears
I can believe that we can cross over
Any distance, to light the light
No need for worry, there's nothing to fear!
Saying that would be a lie
And still, we face forward and stand against it
Together as one
I still don't know
What's right and what's wrong
But I'll aim for the light I believed in
And merely advance for the sake of tomorrow
A certain end, a new beginning
Are connected in the future
If I'm able, I want to feel this warmth forever
Friends we must protect and unwavering faith
Time is piling up
So that we will be able to laugh together
When the time comes that you push me forward
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Author's comments:

That "Hikari" is the only word written in katakana indicates to me that there's probably some double meaning there, for example, "Shinjita hikari" could mean "The light I believed in" or "Hikari, who I believed in"

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