Toi Moi Pas Nous (English translation)

  • Artist: Vendredi sur Mer
  • Song: Toi Moi Pas Nous
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You, Me, Not We

Years have past
without saying a word.
I obviously regretted you,
It's like a sad melody
that comes back into your head,
about which makes you blush,
But never stops you.
We shared together
very tender memories,
and if I tremble before you,
it's through fear of hearing
"You, me, but not we."
If we follow the same path,
the future is delicate.
I don't think about doubt any more,
you and I are a choice.
I spent a lot of the nights
in that bedroom,
and if I run away in the mornings,
it's through fear of hearing
"You, me, but not we."
It's obvious
that to look at you,
It often turns me
Don't be deceived
love is diverse,
and I don't believe
that ours will disperse,
Oh no
And I don't believe
That ours will disperse
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Toi Moi Pas Nous