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特攻隊節 (Tokkoutai Bushi) (English translation)


燃料片道 テンツルシャン
行くは琉球 死出の旅
エーエ 死出の旅
地上離れりや テンツルシャン
想ひだします 母の顏
エーエ 母の顏
雨よ降れ降れ テンツルシャン
整備する身の この辛さ
エーエ この辛さ
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This is a traditional Japanese wartime song about the Kamikaze pilots. Composer and lyricist unknown.


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Song of the Kamikaze Corps

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The tears roll down our cheeks as we load the fuel, tentsurushan!
And the task is cruel to bear
For we are bound to Ryukyu, on our journey
Our journey, to the other side!
At dawn we depart this Earth, taking to the sky, tentsurushan!
As a last goodbye, our thoughts do roam
Back to our homes and our mothers, oh, our mothers
Our mothers, who will weep for us!
Oh, rain, listen to our pleas, fall with all your might, tentsurushan!
Ground our final flight, we pray
And let us see yet another day, just a brief delay
To stay, for one more day!
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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