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Meanings of "tongue-tied"


having difficulty in speaking, usually due to being too shy, embarrassed, or nervous.

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язык заплетается; как будто язык проглотил(а)

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Лишенный дара речи (немой)

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Genellikle çok utangaç, mahcup veya ürkek olmaktan dolayı konuşmakta zorluk yaşamak (çekmek).

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"tongue-tied" in lyrics

Pink - 90 Days

'Cause you made this shit so easy
And I told you my secrets
So I don't know why I'm tongue tied
At the wrong time when I need this

Anna Clendening - Invisible

Am I invisible?

Tangled up and tongue-tied
What have I become?

Itchyworms - Just Be Mine

I’m not a liar like other people
The truth is I get tongue-tied when I’m with you
He’s just a smooth-talker, don’t be fooled

Kishore Kumar - This lively evening

When I talk to you, why do you stop me
Your sweet stare, why does it reprimand me
Your shyness, your delicacy, I swear it leaves me tongue-tied

Josh Groban - Won't Look Back

Tongue tied and falling
So far from the ground
That's what you do to me
And to you I'm bound

Max Giesinger - 80 Millions

This was the shore where we first met,
You were already outside and then returned.
You said "Hi!" and I was tongue-tied,
everything had changed in the blink of an eye

Usher - Peace Sign

Beat, beat 'til the sunrise
All up in her hair like a hair tie
Two cups down, got us tongue-tied (Tongue-tied)
I can't wait 'til I'm inside, yeah

Twice - DBZ

Ok, I got that far...
Like, thump thump, thump thump
OMG, I'm completely tongue-tied
I need to pull myself together, woo

Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly

Suspended animation, a state of bliss
Can't keep my mind from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit, I

Demi Lovato - Confident

It's time to get the chains out
Is your tongue tied up?
Cause this is my ground

City Morgue - Nitro Cell

Fucking on a thick bitch, cumming on your bitch lips
Pussy, pull up, got my hoodie pulled up
Pussy shot out, got my fully tongue-tied
Quick to draw, hit the floor, them niggas duck-duck

The Score - Money Run Low

Tongue tied
Dreams die
We all lose our way
We have fears

Ninety One - The dance of the old record

I got tongue-tied as if I'm numb
why my environment seems deceitful.

Ceza - What do I have?

I'm where I wanted to be
Give this man a second,
I'm speechless and tongue-tied

Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth

Is what you swore
The time before
Now you’re standing there tongue tied
You better learn your lesson well

Ben Onono - Tattoo Blue (Tatouage Bleu)

I'm not trying to keep her from where she needs to be
Cause I'm ready to be where she needs to go
Her tongue-tied, young pride
Trouble prone eyes will keep me warm

Rhye - The Fall

There should be words
There should be words that explain the way
But I am tongue tied and twisted,
Where's those words...

Mindy Gledhill - I do adore

Finding words, I mutter
Tongue-tied, twisted
Foot in mouth, I start to stutter

Gryffin - Bye Bye

[Verse 2]
So tongue tied as we're talking
Just white lies cause I don't wanna see you hurting

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Rings of Saturn

And I'm breathing deep and I'm there and I'm also not there
And spurting ink over the sheets but she remains, completely unexplained
Or maybe I'm just too tongue-tied to drink it up and swallow back the pain
I thought slavery had been abolished