TONIGHT -restart from this night (English translation)

TONIGHT -restart from this night

夢中で貫いた 偽りのJUSTICE
巡る季節 刻む時計 道を違えた二人
そうTonight 今夜も
またTonight ため息つく
なぁTonight 誓いの
そうTonight 場所で待つよ
二人 また歩いて行けるなら
胸の古傷も 頬伝う涙も
暇つぶすような生き様は 今夜きりで終わりにしよう
そうTonight 何度も
またTonight ため息つく
そんな日々は この夜が最後さ
さぁTonight 全てを
そうTonight 上書けるさ
今夜こそ お前はきっと来るはず
なぁTonight 二人でまた歩けたなら
握りしめた 掌を俺は
もう一度 restart from tonight
start from tonight
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TONIGHT -restart from this night-

I was obsessed with this fake justice.
The hand that I should've been holding, before even noticing it slipped away.
The changing seasons. The ticking clock. We each follow our own path.
Yes, tonight. This night as well.
Again tonight. I'll lament.
Myself alone can't rewrite these memories.
Say, tonight. At our promised place.
Yes, tonight. I'll be waiting.
I feel I'll meet you on night like this.
If we one day end up walking together again...
Our scarred hearts and your cheeks with running tears.
I'll promise to turn them into mere funny stories.
Until time washes away all our mistakes.
Let's put an end to this way of life of just killing time.
Yes, tonight. Again and again.
Again tonight. I'll lament.
This night will be the last of those days.
Say, tonight. Let's rewrite.
Yes, tonight. It all.
I'm sure that tonight is the night that you'll come.
Say, tonight. If we end up walking together again...
The palm of the hand that I'll be holding.
I'll promise to never let it go again.
Once again, restart from tonight.
Start from tonight.
Yes tonight.
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