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Hiya. My name is Joshua. I saw this conversation and felt like I needed to intervene. This website works in a very simple way: we users must stick to the rules. That's reasonable, innit? Everything w...DarkJoshua10
Tons of corrections soon for us mods and editors xD. Prepare yourselves!Geheiligt8
I hate these SiliconValley spoiled brats more than anything. Turning the world into their playground, putting their kids in phone-less schools while turning the rest of the world into braindead morons...ingirumimusnocte8
I do :) So cold were your eyes when they gleamed wild, so sad when they turned to what might have been, so beautiful when they smiled like a child eager to reclaim every stolen scene. It seem...ingirumimusnocte8
I was panicking an hour ago because I couldn't access the site at all...glad to see we're up and running again.crimsonDyname8
It's the film transcript. That's not OST. That's all against the site rules and must be unpublished. We have all agreed to the site rules, haven't we? And we must abide by them. Maria, there are s...sandring7
Sorry, Maria, that's exactly what I'm doing - minding my business. I'm an editor, remember?sandring7
I'm disabling the comments, this is no place to air out your issues. It is against the rules to add anything that isn't songs/poems, transcripts of scripts is not something we specialize in anyway to ...phantasmagoria7
Hi *kiss* i 'm pisces 9 march i want to share this site with you *kiss* *kiss*Guest7
You may shout as loudly as you want to but that doesn't change the site rules. Sorry, your obsession with Bill is becoming notorious.sandring6
I'm just explaining that actually it's not long at all. Singable translations are very difficult to do even if you are proficient in both languages. I doubt anyone with enough proficiency in German an...dionysius6
I waited 4 years for a Estonian-> Italian request to be fulfilled. We don't have many Japanese speakers on LT and I guess the number of them who can also speak German is quite low. Plus, as they've al...DarkJoshua6
True. And people sitting near you at a cinema with an enormous bucket of popcorn, and chewing it during the whole movie, keeping their mouth open. I just can't stand the smell of chewed popcorn when I...Jadis6
And the Snow Fell translation
Phil, you have a gift to pick the most difficult songs to translate and give those song completely different meanings. Good night. It's getting late.
Nice! :DBlack Mamba6
My date of birth is in my username :) I'm a Pisces (February 22)Thomas2226
Achampnator, calm down. Maria is always with us. She has many accounts around here. If you say I've been mean to her then why did she give me 40 likes and 6 thanks only yesterday? Strange, isn't it?sandring6
Black Mamba account was banned for a week (6 days left as of now). This new Jumbo account will be blocked permanently - multiple accounts are not allowed. [@Achampnator] Please don't blame sandring,...lt6
This certificate security issue was temporary, and is already gone for most of the users. Some can still see a result of DNS cache, which should be updated and gone soon.lt6
This is not rare, especially for a singable translation.dionysius5
Glory translation
Чёрный тюльпан  is an aircraft, not body bag
Oh, dear. Where do I begin? -Slow walkers (especially on public transit and sidewalks) -Unlabelled/mispriced goods in stores -Holding up lines because your coupon won't scan...crimsonDyname5
Welcome back, M. We love you!BlackSea4ever5
D, do it in PM. There is no need to cherish one’s ego in public forum again :)Igeethecat5
Just to make it clear - we were never asked for such a permission, and thus it was never granted. Unfortunately, such conflicts happen. Thanks to all who have not lost their temper trying to resolve...lt5
The old thread has been moved to the Moderator's room by a moderator, and thus is inaccessible now. Update: It will be re-opened soon.lt5
when people just stop in the middle of walkway to talk being judgmental please take a break, and just say "I agree with you " *kiss* ignore road rules andd ignore the most basic rules of driving ...Guest5
We're going to clean up this thread a bit and re-open it to the public - many are surprised that such a long and popular thread is suddenly gone.lt5
Press Conference translation
Little greek girl hahaaahaha!! :D Varala me, varala mala Grkinja varala me, varala dušu ranila!. :P
Pisces (12th of March)Achampnator5
In 28th August you are Virgo, my friend.Black Mamba5
Libra according to the Western zodiac and Ox according to the Chinese zodiac.DarkJoshua5
Radu, I'm talking to Icey!!!! I got it, you are a Virgo!!Black Mamba5
I'm a Pisces ♓️ (March 18 [18 de marzo]). :DEnjovher5
I think we must introduce an age restriction to this site so that children didn't feel embarrassed. I believe we must all discuss it on a forum.sandring5
A priest telling his sacristan: „It’s a long time since your last confession. How about now?“ The sacristan telling the priest: „But I’ve got nothing to confess.“ „We’ll see.“ And ...Flopsi5
Late Autumn translation
Well, dear, you post a comment, then you like it, what about answering it yourself, too? Saves everybody a lot of trouble. :)
Late Autumn translation
I am not angry and the song was 100% mine. There was a mistake that an editor post another artist's page. But I wrote the song. What you did was like raping my song and it was rude.
Black Mamba5
Late Autumn translation
Now please, wouldn't you stop quarrelling ? Life is too short for that. Stop throwing things at each other's head. You're all clever people. So am I. Amen.
Μπα, μην ακους εδω το 'Muppet Show'. Απλα βρηκαμε τωρα να μιλησουμε που δεν εχουμε πια φορουμ.Black Mamba5
καινουριο φορουμ?Evi_Par5
Οκ, δεν ξαναγραφω τιποτα. Κι εσυ μην καθεσαι και σχολιαζεις το τι γραφω εγω.Black Mamba5
Εγώ αυτό που ξέρω είναι ότι η Εύη μετάφρασε ένα υπέροχο κομμάτι και μπήκα στον πειρασμό να κάνω ένα σχόλιο, ώσ...makis175
Ειπαμε, δεν ξαναγραφω τιποτα. Ωχου!Jumbo5
My all-time favourite: Phantasmagoria - Bipolaringirumimusnocte5
Opus 08 song
Please don't be too serious, Nadia. A "poetry" of that kind reminds me the five years I spent in the Soviet Union. *devil_smile*
Opus 08 song
Well well, one learns much over here... I guess I shall never more listen to "На сопках Манчжурии" with the same ear... Какие вы проказники! :-o
Opus 08 song
Тихо в США, Лишь дядя Трамп не спит ..