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Mother translation
This is not your translation, but there is the "Unsubscribe" button underneath.
Ivan U7n8
Native Arabic speaker here, I agree with [@DarkJoshua], pretty spot on. The idea indeed is that there are a bunch of letters/sounds in Arabic that don't exist in other languages like English. Also it'...Velsket7
Mother translation
Lyricstranslate isa website for us to help others, have fun and gain experience. If anyone doesn't agree to that idea then they're free to leave. Every website needs moderation not to be messed up and...
Dear Adelaida, we all appreciate your efforts, thank you. But to make a good mod you need a prior editor's experience. So this might be the first thing you should apply for Good luck! :)sandring6
Mother translation
GT is the worst source of mistranslations there is, because the words are spelled correctly and bits of sentences might seem consistent even when the meaning is hopelessly off. Apparently the thing w...
petit élève6
Hi. I apperciate your efforts and we mods and editors try to correct reported things, but please consider that we don't spend all of our time on LT,we have lives outside of LT. Apart from that, in ...RadixIce5
Of course we need more people to make the website clearer and better. Again, you should be a super member to be promoted. You could be an editor if you help us cleaning all the crap things. [quote]As...RadixIce5
I could hardly pick one. I use to watch a lot of cheap movies (well, at least the first 5 minutes). Sometimes you find real little gems. But you're bound to see a lot of garbage in the process :) A...petit élève5
Original "Solaris" by A. Tarkovsky - one of the deepest, most engrossing and thought-provoking films ever made and it is truly sensational: it will alter your perception of reality forever (don't even...St. Sol5
Russian knights translation
Нам когда-то в Советской армии есть давали кислые щи. Их варили из кислой капусты, как покушаешь, просто пищи. ...
Mother translation
Moderation here is more of the "live and let live" kind. Discussing about (automatic) translations doesn't break any site rules, as far as I know. Even a bit of quiet joking is allowed, as long as the...
petit élève5
River translation
Well, in Russian the verb for "слышать" could be used also in meaning of "feel the smell". It's strange, I know :)
1) Уважаемая [@Igeethecat], если Вы видите, что человек getting disturbing and offensive, не нужно его еще больше на это провоцироват...Alexander Laskavtsev4
I have watched some pretty dismal films, but I must say that Guardians of the Galaxy was rather awful. Incoherent story that didn't make any sense whatsoever, plot holes the size of Jupiter, ...Metodius4
Άσχετο αλλά το διάβασα σήμερα... Φήμες ότι η Ρόουζ Μαγκόουαν αμέσως μετά την απόφαση αγόρασε ένα AK 47 με επικ...makis174
Oh, I almost forgot! Beauty and the Beast (2017). -The Beast just looked so CGI, it was cringeworthy. He just looked too "cute" and human-like, not at ALL like the original 1991 B...Thomas2224
Keep helping us and the Editors and we might consider promoting you. We don't promote users because they want, as we have a lengthy discussion based on user's activity and helping around. That's basic...Alma Barroca4
Songs on that theme are pretty hard to find, apparently. There is This song of Queen's where Freddy Mercury feels betraye...petit élève4
Vysotski, Pesnya o druge
Mother translation
Sorry to interrupt but, LT is a website for us to enjoy, we're not real translators, but we're trying to help people with all of our abilities.
Mother translation
I couldn't agree more. There is immense value in diversity. Allowing common people to contribute in a meaningful way instead of letting the "best" impose their views is a kind of symbolic resistance ...
petit élève4
Actually, Kill Bill was the first Tarantino movie i ever saw (three years ago). Then i watched Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. Finally, some months ago, i watched all his others but i didn'...Maria Kritikou4
The quintessential Tarantino movie is Pulp Fiction: Kill Bill paled in comparison. :)MichaelNa4
I didn't like Pulp Fiction, it was not adventurous, not emotional at all, it broke my nerves. Not for me. And i don't think PF is Tarantino's best film. He has made much better. At least, Kill Bill...Maria Kritikou4
I agree with you. Actually, i'm not a Tarantino fan, but Kill Bill is great! I liked the story, the music themes, the screenplay, he used manga anime(!!!) The rest are just ok.Armonia4
Anyway, my favorite movie is The Lord Of The Rings, especially Fellowship Of The Ring. I read the books first, and then i watched the trilogy. I 'felt in love' with that. Pure magic....Armonia4
Alice in WonderlandMiley_Lovato4
Alright, seems people like my idea, here it is: It's not completely done but I am impatient. Enjoy the server, it will be completely done by 14 days from now, because I h...George Vassilev4
Beautiful, but непонятки с душой: Теплым светом тогда озарится душа От того что со мною любимая моя! and a warm light dawns ...Igeethecat4
Aseebak La' translation
[@FranceA] This is not a justification of your rating. Please, keep in mind that if you rate a translation lower than 5 starts, you are to give explanations and tell what's wrong and how to make it be...
Our fellow Bor'ka, he's a skirt-chaser, His friends may or may not accuse him of this sin. Our fellow Bor'ka, he's a skirt-chaser, But that's as normal as it could have ever been. ;)Brat4
Mother translation
I sincerely regret that, because your translations are among the most interesting I found on this site, but still this grudge you have against moderators is not something that should be discussed in p...
petit élève4
To me it sounds like "There's a loving in your eye..." This isn't great English either but it makes some sense.ϕιλομαθής4
River translation
Well, our doomsday weapons are nothing to write home about, but at least we can talk about love...
petit élève4
I tried to listen but after a few lines I was forced to tear off my own ears. And then eat them just to be sure... ;)Gavin4
It's not her fault really - she seems to be following the current vogue amongst English and American singers of intoning words in really bizarre ways. I blame "The Voice" / "X factor" etc. Take the...Gavin4
The voice of Russia is a pandora box though. Here is an awful rendition of this Soviet m...Ivan U7n4
I think it's a praise of those who keep a positive attitude even if life f**cked them over. And of family in general. Maybe "don't forget to pray" is a little ironic, but that's all.magicmulder3
Никому не мешал = I never messed with anyone.St. Sol3
Yes, I would either say "and now they're biting my heels" as you suggest. Or just say "...and bit my heels" keeping it in the past. similarly: I've got tired to count/ How many days the chase last...Gavin3
How come you're not an editor yet, Wolfgang? I bet you wouldn't wait long to become one if you just asked. I sure would trust your judgement about French lyrics too.petit élève3
Yes you are right, and btw, I read that wonderful novel, for I am a fan of sci-fi :)Alexander Laskavtsev3
Thank you all for your help. Quite often my English translations have lack of attention of natives, so I always glad to read your suggestions. :)Alexander Laskavtsev3
Yeah, I was raised on Asimov and Clarke, and discovered a rich vein of Heinlein in the school library. Also read a lot of random sci-fi from my parents' shelves but don't think I ever read Poul Anders...Gavin3
I hope you don't object to your comments area becoming an open forum for sci-fi discourse! :)Gavin3
All these: Kritikou3
Ωραια. Καιρος ηταν....Maria Kritikou3
Georges Brassens: La fille à cent sous Françoise Hardy: J'ai jeté mon cœur Édith Piaff: Les Deux Ménétriers Juan Pardo: Anduriña Trío Calaveras: Plegaria guadalupana Tom Lehrer: We'll al...michealt3
My wife translation
> though a bit of polish might still be necessary I thought the original was in Russian. :D (Sorry, couldn't resist. ;))