Lola Flores - Torbellino de Colores (English translation)

English translation

Whirlwind of Colors

I'm the Lola sirs
The Lola, you're waiting for
With suit or tailed gown
I'm the Lola sirs
From Jerez de la Frontera
My head is gipsy
My arms are two monuments
And in the fringes of the shawl
I carry tangled
A sigh of passion
Pemán 1has said about me
Whirlwind of Colors
There's no flower in the world
That the wind moves better
Than Lola Flores
And if you didn't know it
I tell it to you sir
Come, give that applause now
To make my heart happy
I, I'm the Lola, yes sir.
I'm the Lola sirs
The Lola, grace and wit
And here like abroad
I'm the Lola of Spain
And may the ugly die
I have brown-skinned face
Black olive-coloured eyes
And whether you want or not
There's only one like me
One, that it's me.
Lola, Lola Flores
Lola, Lola of Spain
  • 1. José María Pemán, spanish poet
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Torbellino de Colores

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