Gusttavo Lima - Tornado (English translation)

English translation


You're worthless, but I still care about you
You're worth less than 1 cent, but to me you're worth 100 cents
I don't want1 your past, I want your present
To build our future and think of our wellbeing
In this moment I am about to take2 you
So decide once and for all: which path are you gonna follow?
Love is the way I feel for you, it has no size.
It has the same force as a tornado in my heart.
And tears fall from my eyes, like a waterfall.
Loneliness, it's tearing my chest apart, I can't help it...
It burns like an ember, I'm not gonna hold on.
I can't go on, living this way
has already become a joke.
  • 1. ... to know about...
  • 2. Take: it also can be translated as: assume.
Submitted by dowlenon1 on Tue, 28/08/2012 - 22:37
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Vimto12    Wed, 29/08/2012 - 21:07

Nice translation Regular smile
I just noticed a few minor things:
Line 6: '...once and for all...'
Line 8: ' a tornado...'
Line 11: ' an ember'
Line 13: 'it has...'

dowlenon1    Wed, 29/08/2012 - 22:06

Oh, so many thingies that went unseen Teeth smile

Just the last suggestion: "has..." refers to the previous line "living this way", that is:

"Living this way HAS already become a joke."

That's why the comma was used.

Vimto12    Wed, 29/08/2012 - 22:54

Oops I didn't see the comma...
Also there needs be a space between 'an' and 'ember' Regular smile

dowlenon1    Wed, 29/08/2012 - 23:39

Whooops! I don't know who is the one to be blamed: me or the keyboard, hahaha. Thanks!